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Unreal! Newly Released DJI Mavic Mini Drone Could be the Perfect Travel and Adventure Drone!

Written by Charlie

The brand new DJI Mavic Mini could be the perfect drone for all your travels and adventures – given its very micro size and big features. Check it out!

DJI, known for their absolute hold on the drone market, just took the wraps off their latest drone. Instead of it being another tool for professionals, it is the perfect answer for anyone wanting a small drone to slip in their bag for the next trip – or in their running pouch for their next run. Behold, the new DJI Mavic Mini!

The New DJI Mavic Mini – a Perfect Drone for Travelers and Adventurers!

Link: DJI Mavic Mini

Let’s start with size since DJI made that part of the name – this thing weighs in at 249 grams. If that seems like an odd number, it is because the FAA requires registration for any drone 250 grams and over and many countries require certain permits or licenses for drones over that amount as well.

That means that this thing is so small you don’t need any type of FAA registration in the US and you may not need anything in countries you visit (though, be smart and check that out for yourself before you visit any country!).

But, the DJI Mavic Mini does not come small in the departments of things like battery life, boasting 30 minutes of fly time (which will realistically be more like 20+ minutes when factoring in various factors like wind and speed). For a drone that small, that is unreal!

It also comes with 2.7k resolution, an upgrade from the 1080p resolution of the DJI Spark that this would replace in the lineup. If you are looking for 4K, you won’t have it here because the big brother, the Mavic Air, and others already have that.

This drone is obviously something that you bring with you because you want that different vantage point or you want to be able to film something no matter where you are (that is legal!) and it seems to nail that!

The price is $399 for the basic bundle and $499 for the bundle that brings you more batteries and things like propellor guards (great for beginners). It will ship November 11.

Check out this Engadget post for more.

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