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New Deals on Insta360 Cameras – Awesome for Travel, Running, or any Adventure

Written by Charlie

Insta360 has a bunch of great cameras for almost situation. Tiny cameras with magnets, 360 degree cameras, action cameras, and more! Check out these deals!

I have been an owner and big fan of Insta360 cameras for many years now and can tell you that they know how to innovate! One of the great things about their current path with cameras is that they have their core unit and then different lens options that you can buy to add on as you want – so no having to get multiple cameras to handle action, low light, 360, etc. Now, they have one of their biggest sales on their cameras ever so check it out!

New Deals on Insta360 Cameras

The links below are affiliate links so thanks for the support if you use them!

Link: Insta360 ONE RS

This is the core that you need to put additional lenses on. You can pick your edition. All of them are on sale and come with an extra battery base (value of $26) so check them out!

You can get the cheapest, the 4K edition. This is great for action. Or, you can go for the Twin Edition which gives you the basic 4K Boost lens of the 4K edition plus the 360 lens. If you want better low light performance, you can get the 1-Inch Edition (but that lens version is not on sale right now) (note, this is not the 360 degree 1-Inch version, though). All of these models are on sale right now with a 10% discount.

Link: Insta360 GO 2

This is the little camera I reviewed here. By using my link above, you will not only get a 10% discount but you will also get a lens guard, value of $9.

I won’t say much more about this because you can read all about it in my review here but this little camera is really something! If you want a little-go-everywhere camera, this is the one!

Link: Insta360 ONE X2

This is the upgraded version of my original ONE 360 camera and it brings waterproofing to the camera! Having a 360 camera that you can take underwater is really cool!

This also added a little display so you could see what your camera is seeing. Using my link above, not only will you get $43 off the regular prices, but you will also get a Selfie Stick (which actually disappears from your photos and videos in 360 mode!) or a lens guard.

Link: Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360

Now, this is their brand new camera so it gets no sale at all yet! But, if you want the best that Insta360 makes for the consumer all in one package, this is it! It does not have waterproofing but is water resistant so you can take it outside without worrying about rain. This may be the ultimate camera for travel and I have been having quite a bit of fun with the one I have now!

This year, Insta360 released almost their culmination of their developments with their Insta360 ONE RS 1-Inch 360. Now you don’t have to pick – 1″ or 360 – you get it all in one. This means much better low light capturing as well as less noise and more detail. And, it is swappable with their other lenses as well so you can just buy the upgrade module (I only just recently received one so will have a review of it after I have had some time to completely try it out).

But, that is all just to give you an idea of who and what Insta360 is in case you aren’t familiar with them. Think of GoPro and DJI but with a twist to offer even more. GoPro really was never able to make the whole 360 model work out well and DJI has not tried it. But, Insta360 not only has that in their DNA/name but they also have an awesome app that you can use to reframe 360 video to make a video that captures whatever YOU want, post capture.

These deals run through August 19 so don’t take too long to think! One more thing – they actually include sales tax in their total so if you are in a high-sales tax state, don’t worry because the price you see is what you will pay. Also, you will get some free extras with some of these deals!

Bottom Line

The Insta360 line up is strong and gives you a lot of options for capturing your travels and life. This sale is one of their best so check it out!

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