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Frontier’s Newest Sale Plays Up Losing Spirit to JetBlue – “Feelin’ Blue?”

Written by Charlie

Frontier lost out on merging with Spirit as JetBlue came out the victor there. So, Frontier has a sale to try and make up for it! 🙂

Early in 2022, an interesting twist started happening. Spirit and Frontier, two budget airlines, decided to merge to create a national budget airline. Things were moving forward and then JetBlue jumped in with an offer. It went back and forth before JetBlue just made it official last week – for $3.8 billion. Now, Frontier wants to cash in on sales about this.

Frontier Launches Sale About JetBlue’s Win with Spirit

It is always entertaining to see how low cost carriers market their sales. There have been some pretty interesting ones over the years! Frontier always tries to get buyers with their “MILLION” seat sales and more. Now that they have lost Spirit to JetBlue, they want to … remind you about that? Or maybe have you feel bad for them and buy their tickets? 🙂 Either way, here is what their latest sale advertises:

My city that was targeted was Detroit and Frontier is offering deals from just $19 out of Detroit. When you reach this page, you can change it to any city you want to see the sale cities and when you have to book by.

I have only flown Frontier one time and I think that if you are kind of flexible (as in, it won’t kill you if they end up canceling you or sending you from Detroit to Denver and on to Orlando because they cut the direct), Frontier works very nicely. Just don’t plan on brining bags or caring about where you sit and you can enjoy some great rates!

But, if you become part of the “Den”, you get more perks. That includes things like Kids Fly Free on select dates and flights and you get special DISCOUNT DEN fares for up to 9 people on one reservation. And, through the end of today (August 8), you can join the DEN for $59.99 for one year with their $40 enrollment fee waived for now.

It certainly is a new tactic by an airline to try and remind their customers about how they lost out on a business relationship as a way to get you to book a sale fare with them! But, it does the job when it comes to catching attention – and that is what the low cost carrier sales model is all about.

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