New Apple Watch Series 5 Will Be Announced in One Week – Should You Buy the Apple Watch Series 4 Now?

Written by Charlie

We will see the new Apple Watch Series 5 in one week – what should we expect? Also, should you buy an Apple Watch Series 4 now – even if it goes on sale?

Next Tuesday, September 10, Apple will be holding their annual reveal of the newest iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 5. This is the somewhat confusing time for some – do you buy an Apple Watch Series 4 now, wait for the Apple Watch Series 5, or buy a Series 4 after the Series 5 announcement?

Here Comes the Apple Watch Series 5!

First, some good news. Thanks to people diving into the code of the latest iOS, native sleep tracking will be coming to the Apple Watch! But, the question is, will this be something Apple feels comfortable having on a watch with the existing battery life as the Series 4? The sleep tracking should be available on Series 4 and 3 – at least – but my guess is the battery life on the Series 5 will be quite a bit better.

So, two of the things on my wish list for Apple Watch Series 5 look like they will be coming! But, what else will the Apple Watch Series 5 hold? It appears that there may be some new materials used for premium models also. However, the base models will likely stay at the same retail price points as the Series 4 – which would be an important thing for the purpose of this post if that is true.

So, Should You Buy an Apple Watch Series 4 Now?

First of all, with the redesign of the Apple Watch last year, this year should be more of an evolution that revolution. While Apple has been working on/patenting other sensors/smart bands/etc, many feel these will not come out until 2020.

So, the Series 5 may have upgrades like a faster processor, better battery life, and new radios. But, maybe not much else? If that is the case, the Series 4 will still be an incredible watch for most people. Also, if that is the case, we may not see huge price drops on the Series 4 right away. Instead, they may drop to be the new “entry” line up like the Series 3 was.

I am somewhat surprised that retailers are not still discounting the Apple Watch Series 4 since they would likely want to clear inventory of them before the Series 5. But, maybe the Series 5 will be even more expensive so the retailers know they can let the Series 4 hold their price for a while?

Hold Off – Don’t Buy an Apple Watch Series 4 Now! Even on Sale!

At any rate, even if they were on sale for the normal $50 off, I would definitely suggest to hold off on the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 4If you really did want to grab them if they go on sale this weekend, just make sure you buy them from a retailer like Best Buy. The reason is you get one price adjustment within the return period and that return period protects you if you do want to go with the Series 5. Best Buy has some very generous return times for elite members as well (top elite members get 45 days to return!).

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    • It has joined the iPhone as the biggest seller for Apple and, between the two, it is where Apple gets a ton of their revenue. It has been an annual update since the original Apple Watch so I would put it at 95% chance that we see the Series 5 next week.
      I still want to see some more of my running wishes fulfilled on it so hopefully there is a Series 5 and it brings those! 🙂 But, I will also be trying out the new Garmin Fenix 6 this weekend which seems really fantastic so we will see!