Miss Out On The Amazon Prime Deal? Get Prime AND A Smartphone For $199!

Fire Phone
Written by Charlie

If you missed out on the $72 sale on Saturday for Amazon Prime, here is another way to take advantage of a deal to get Prime and the Fire Phone!

Amazon is running sales so often now on their Fire Phone that no one should be paying full price for this thing! It has been at the $199 level, $189, $229, and now it is back to $199! While it is not the best smartphone in the world, you do get a decent smartphone that is unlocked for service around the world and Amazon Prime for a year for a total of $199. That is not a bad deal!

Fire Phone

Get the Fire Phone and Amazon Prime for $199!

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The Amazon Fire Phone operates on Amazon’s own skin over an Android OS. It introduced quite a few innovative features but was not really ready for a top tier phone (to rival the iPhone or high-end Android phones). At the original price of $649 for an unlocked phone, it was not a good deal at all. At the price of $199 for Prime and the phone, it is a great deal! It comes unlocked and ready for use on global carriers as well as AT&T and T-Mobile at home (it will not work on Verizon or Sprint).

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Some of the innovative features of the amazon fire phone certainly sound appealing, especially if you are an Amazon regular. For $99 (after subtracting the cost of Amazon Prime), it may be worthwhile to grab this phone for an Amazon device – even if you don’t use it with a provider in the US. It will basically be a mini Kindle Fire tablet and around the same price, but you can use it as a phone and mobile data device as well.

So, (again) today Amazon gives us what they should have done in the first place. Now, for $99 (after the Prime membership value), you are getting a full-featured smartphone that you can take with you around the world and easily access whatever Amazon has to offer. I think $99 is a fair price for all of that.

If you purchase the phone using my link above, I will get a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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  • I missed out on the deal even after cancelling my Prime membership! My new plan – buy a $199 Fire phone and liquidate it on Ebay. Prices there look to be about $175. Might win out after all and collect some 5x points using Staples Amazon gift card. 🙂