Malaysia Airlines Contest To Lure Travelers Bungles The Name

Malaysia Airlines has gone through some serious problems this year as flight MH370 disappeared and flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine. Those tragedies cost the lives of hundreds of people and many people are afraid to fly Malaysia Airlines for that reason. For the record, I would still fly on Malaysia Airlines and these incidents would not keep me from it.

Malaysia Airlines

An empty Malaysia Airlines plane

Malaysia Airlines is cutting 6,000 employees and cutting fares on certain routes in an effort to bring passengers to their very empty flights. As another way to do it, they launched a contest for potential customers in Australia and New Zealand. The prizes included both free tickets and free iPads. The contest was called “My Ultimate Bucket List.” The problem with that was use of the words “bucket list” since that involves what people want to do before they die.

They have since pulled the page where the contest was located. The terms can still be found here.

I do feel badly that the wording of this messed up their attempt to draw more passengers to the airline. Hopefully, they come up with something new and make it available to everyone instead of only Australia and New Zealand customers.

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  • MH doesn’t really have a reason to market this to US residents given they do not fly to USA anymore.

  • Wow! I admire your courage to still want to fly on Malaysia Airlines! how can you be so brave and not afraid of continuous incidents and bad happening on Malaysia Airlines? I don’t have that courage…even if I do, my families and friends will prevent me from doing it.

    • It is really not too much of a courage thing. After all, the second incident was really no fault of the airline and we still do not know what had happened with the first incident. Either way, the government of Malaysia has now taken over the airline and they will be taking it up a few notches to ensure that nothing of abnormality would happen (if it is within control of the airline/government).