What Would You Like To Ask An Astronaut?

If you enjoy airplanes, then you must surely have an interest in the space above the airplanes as well (even if it is just a mild interest)! I have always been fascinated by aspects of space and space travel. But, I have obviously never been to space. I have been fortunate, however, to have been able to make contact with other amateur radio operators by bouncing my signal off of the moon, by using meteor showers to make brief contacts with fellow operators, use satellites for relay signals, and even speak to astronauts on board the space station. Really cool stuff that helped to satisfy a little bit of my interest in space.

What Would You Like To Ask An Astronaut?

All of that brings me to this – an astronaut that I spoke to a while ago has agreed to do an interview for the blog and I know it should be of great interest to many! While I have my list of questions that I will be asking, I thought it might be helpful and interesting for you all if I opened up to ask what questions you would like to see asked of an astronaut. I will pick through them to see what may be the most frequent question or my personal favorites and will include them in the interview.

So, just leave the question(s) you would like asked in the comment below and I will go through them! You can also comment if you see someone else’s question that you would like to agree with as well.

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  • I’d love to know how they train, and for how long?
    What special items did they bring up in space?
    Is it too exciting to sleep?

    I got to meet am Astronaut once in DC at the flight museum, and as a child I met all of them but was too young to remember. My father helped train them for space flight and reentry. Some really wild guys. My Dad is a rocket scientist or an aeronautical engineer.

  • 1. What missions are they training for?

    2. Who is the best pilot they ever saw?

    3. Would they fly Virgin Galactic?

  • Wow this is so cool!

    1.) Does it get lonely?

    2.) What’s the oddest part about your daily life in that career?

    3.) What was your background in terms of school?