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Legacy Hyatt Credit Card to Be Converted to World of Hyatt Card?

Written by Charlie

If you still hold the excellent legacy Hyatt credit card, prepare for that card to be converted to the higher-priced World of Hyatt card before too long.

For the longest time, the legacy Hyatt credit card had been one of my favorite cards (and one that we currently hold). Not only did it have a nice sign-up bonus when we signed up for it, but it also gave a “free” anniversary night each year – just for paying the $75 annual fee. Well, it appears that this card will go away for good in a few months.

Legacy Hyatt Credit Card to Convert to World of Hyatt Credit Card

A couple of years ago, the World of Hyatt credit card came out. For an annual fee of $95, it has a lot to love for anyone that loves the World of Hyatt program. But, it didn’t offer enough for many to pay an extra $20 to convert from the legacy Hyatt credit card to the World of Hyatt card, especially for those that only valued the card for the free anniversary night (even with the 2,000 bonus points at the time).

Now, according to Dustin over at the excellent Waller’s Wallet YouTube channel, the legacy Hyatt credit card will be transitioned to the World of Hyatt credit card automatically in November. If you currently hold the old Hyatt credit card, you will likely be getting something in the mail about this soon.

As of last week, you are no longer able to product change the card to the World of Hyatt card so no possibility of getting any bonus points for a switch. This will be a conversion as Chase will finally close out the legacy Hyatt card.

What Does This Mean for Legacy Hyatt Card Holders?

If you didn’t upgrade before, chances are pretty good you are not going to want to pay an extra $20 per year now. Granted, the anniversary night has become more usable since the Hyatt program has expanded their hotel base in a big way through acquisitions and partnerships, but if you are only getting around $120 in value from it a year, paying $95 for that “free” night may not be worth it for you.

Hopefully, Chase will offer some kind of benefit for the cardholders that they switch over. In the meantime, watch your mail for your notice and let me know in the comments if you are able to product change the legacy Hyatt card now (should you desire to).

In my opinion, the World of Hyatt credit card is definitely worth the extra $20 – but, only if you regularly stay at Hyatt hotels or value their elite status. If you just hold the legacy Hyatt card for the “free” $75 anniversary night, the World of Hyatt card may not appeal that much to you.

For Us?

We will be keeping this card, even after the conversion takes place. We get a lot of value out of that “Free” night and the World of Hyatt card is a powerful one anyway. Not only does it give the free night, but there are often special promos that come out for cardholders.

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  • Hello,
    I am thinking of cancelling my hyatt card and reapply for the World of Hyatt card. I am currently Globalist until 2022. If i cancel now will my points be lost, free night and status?

    • Nope, you won’t lose any of your points or status! The free night is yours also, as long as you already paid the annual fee for that year.

    • For those who like the card and are OK with getting the new card I’m really surprised that anyone would be ok with the conversion. Time to cancel and then apply for the new card. The only reason I don’t have the new card is that the AF on the old card was too good to drop. There is typically no way I make it to Globalist so the new card held little value to me. But if I’m keeping the card why would I just let them upgrade me with no bonus??? I’ve turned down past upgrade offers for 5k points, at this point I need to cancel and apply for the new card.

      • I was thinking the same. Unless there is a special offer for conversion, it makes sense to cancel then reapply if you haven’t received a bonus in 24 months. I doubt whatever they offer for retention would even be close to the equivalent of a sign up bonus eg. 50k WOH points.

        @Charlie – Any insight into what that forced conversion will look like and what may be offered? Thanks!

  • If I cancel my old Hyatt card how long should I wait before applying for the new Hyatt card to get the bonus? Can my wife get a referral bonus by referring me from her old Hyatt card to the new Hyatt card?