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Last Minute 2018 Gift Guide for Travelers – For All Budgets!

Written by Charlie

We are pretty close to Christmas so here is a great gift guide for the travelers in your life. With gift suggestions for all budgets, this is a great way to get anything last minute that will please any traveler.

Yeah, we are 8 days away so that probably counts as “last minute” for many people. 🙂 But, thanks to e-gift cards and the fantastic Amazon Prime delivery services, it is easy enough to still get a cool gift for the traveler in your life – no matter the budget!

Last Minute 2018 Gift Guide for Travelers – For All Budgets

Travel Gifts Under $20

If you are searching for something under the $20 mark, here are some top options for you.

  • 4 Piece Packing Cubes from AmazonBasics – $19.99
    • AmazonBasics does a really nice job with putting out some good stuff for everyone. Packing cubes are a great way to keep your bag organized and stuff in order while on the road.
  • International Power Adapter – $21.99
    • We will make a slight exception on the price because this is a great piece of travel gear. This does not change the power for devices that are not compatible with 220 volts and 50 hertz! What this does is allows you to plug in your devices like chargers and change out the plug on the back for various countries. I have a similar one and they are great!
  • International Power Adapter Set – $7.99
    • This is just the adapters themselves that can be used for their existing power supplies.
  • Portable Luggage Scale – $8.49
    • This could save your traveler a lot of money and headaches! It can slip into any bag so they can make sure they are always underweight.
  • Microfiber Travel Towel – $8.99 – $20.99
    • With sizes covering game use to beach towels, these fast-drying towels are extremely valuable to have in your bag. They take up only a little space and they can be used anywhere you go.
  • Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery (1 pack) – $19.99
    • These little devices are great for slapping on things you find yourself misplacing. Using your phone, you can easily locate them and they can be incredibly valuable when traveling!
Travel Gifts Between $20 and $50
new TripIt features

The new Neighborhood Safety Score feature in TripIt

  • Memory Foam Travel Pillow – $39.99
    • There are a ton of travel pillows but getting one with memory foam can be a big help in achieving better comfort aboard the airplane – especially in economy class.
  • Compression Socks – $24.95 – $58
    • For someone doing travel, compression socks are a great way to improve blood flow and circulation. I have some that I use for ultra marathons and ultra long flights and enjoy them.
  • TripIt Pro – Exclusive Sale Price $39
    • I have been an incredibly loyal TripIt Pro user for years and I think it is the single best gift for any traveler that doesn’t want to have to worry about the inconvient parts of travel. From things like telling you when to leave for the airport to telling you how long between gates, how to get there, safe spots in various cities, city guides for all your must-know stuff, iMessage features for friends and family, trip delays and more, TripIt Pro should earn you the #1 gift giver award for the travelers in your life.
  • Anker Power Bank 13000mAh – $36.99
    • I cannot leave home without my Anker power bricks. These are great for keeping electronics charged wherever someone goes – on the plane, on the walk, in the airport when all plugs are in use – anywhere.
  • SPIbelt – $20 and up
    • I never go on a run without wearing one of these and never go on a flight without one also. They are great for getting all your pocket contents into one place for security and to make sure they stay secure while on the flight or on the streets. I am a huge fan!
Travel Gifts Between $50 – $150

Now we are getting the slightly higher price range. There are several options here that can be some good ideas as well.

  • New Kindle Paperwhite – Waterproof – $99
    • This is the best Kindle Paperwhite yet and brings a lot of high end features to this basic Paperwhite model. For anyone that loves to travel, having almost unlimited books in their jacket pocket with a battery that just goes forever can be a great gift.
  • Kindle Unlimited Subscription – $9.99 per month
    • This is a fantastic subscription service that makes millions of books available at no extra cost. This includes the entire library of Lonely Planet guide books!
  • Amazon Cloud Cam – $129 (or 2 for $199)
    • Want to help them keep track of what is going on while they are away? This or similar products can be a huge help.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick – $34.99
    • This can be nice to use your video services while in hotels or in AirBnB stops
  • Authorized User on a Premium Credit Card
    • This will be something you just want to extend to very close loved ones :), but it can be a very nice one! With authorized user cards on the Chase Sapphire Reserve, for example, a $75 annual fee will get them Priority Pass lounge membership to help them access any lounges in that partnership for free! You may want to drop the available credit on those cards just so you don’t have to be too nice. 🙂
Travel Gifts Between $150 – $300

  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II – $299
    • We have seen some really good nice sales on these headphones in the last month. If you missed them, you can still get them at the current sale price of $299 which is $50 less than normal. These are the gold standard noise cancelling headphones for many travelers so they would likely be appreciated as a gift to any traveler. Plus, they work with Google Translate and the real-time language translation available on all Android smartphones now.
  • Bluffworks Gift Cards – Any Amount
    • I am a huge fan of Bluffworks clothes and find them to be my favorite travel and everyday clothes ever. However, it can be quite a personal choice as to which ones to select since they do cost more than your average pants and shirts. For that reason, pick up a gift card and let them find something they like!
  • iPad 2018 – $249
    • It doesn’t matter if someone is not currently in the Apple ecosystem, the iPad is the most popular tablet around. As such, it can be a very safe gift to give for a media consumption device. As of right now, these are on sale as well so this can be a really nice deal! Also, this mode works with the Apple Pencil to allow some very creative drawings.

Any of these are some nice gifts for any traveler at any budget! Best of all, all of them should be delivered this week! This makes them even more valuable now that we are just about one week from Christmas! 🙂

Any other great gifts for travelers?

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