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Last Day! Get the Southwest Companion Pass + 30,000 Points with Just One Card!

Written by Charlie

Last day to lock in the awesome Southwest Companion Pass with just one card! Plus, you get an extra 30,000 points thrown in as well for a really nice deal.

Today is the last day on this offer. Even if you are looking for a path for the Southwest Companion Pass for this year and next year, this card is a great way to get that set for now and work on it for the rest of the year! But, you must apply for this offer today if you want this deal this year!

Southwest Companion Pass and 30,000 Points with Just One Card


Link: Southwest Companion Pass Card Offer (this is a personal referral link – I will earn points as well if you are approved)

In the past, before the more restrictive rules that are in place now, people would get two Chase Southwest cards in one year. This would allow them to earn the bonus points on those cards and pick up the super-valuable Southwest Companion Pass for that year and the next year.

Then, they would do it the same way again when that was set to expire or have a family member do the same – easy enough! But, things have gotten more difficult (like you cannot get a Southwest personal card if you have received a bonus on any personal card in the previous 24 months) and the Southwest Companion Pass costs more now than it used to, in terms of the number of points you need to earn.

That is why card offers like this one can be pretty attractive – pick up the Southwest Companion Pass for all of 2022 and the first two months of 2023 and earn 30,000 points all with just one card.

Here are the details on this offer:

  • This offer is on all three personal cards – the Southwest Plus, the Southwest Premier, and the Southwest Priority card
  • You must spend $5,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of opening the account to earn the bonus.
  • Annual fees are not waived and do not count for the $5,000 in spending (the Plus is $69, the Premier is $99, and the Priority is $150)
  • The offer ends March 14, 2022 and the Southwest Companion Pass earned through this offer is valid through February 28, 2023.

There you go! Pretty easy to lock in the Southwest Companion Pass for just about a year, plus pick up 30,000 points to go with it for the primary traveler.

Should You Go for This Offer or Wait?

Here’s the thing – if you were to earn the Southwest Companion Pass through the regular way (picking up 125,000 points in a calendar year), you would have it for all of this year and all of next year. In essence, you would get an extra 10 months out of earning the Pass the normal way.

But, you would need at least two credit card offers unless you do a lot of spending on your cards. That means needing a personal card and a business card. Chase has become a little more strict on business cards over the years so it may be more difficult to pick up one of those.

But, if you can pick up the Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card, that would give you 80,000 points as well so you could pick up one later this year and that, combined with this offer, would give you 110,000 points. That leaves you just 15,000 points away from having the Pass for two years. Actually, it is only 5,000 points away when you count the spending you need to do for both offers.

Personally, I would suggest you go this route. If you apply for the personal card offer now, you get to lock in the Southwest Companion Pass right now (after meeting the spending) and then you have all year to get and earn the bonus on the business card to get the Pass for all of next year as well. That is not a bad strategy to give yourself some breathing room on the application timetable and the spending requirements.

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