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Last Day for Huge Stacking Deals at eBags

stacking deals
Written by Charlie

The last chance for some great stacking deals at eBags! Get luggage and more for around 50% off!

There have been a couple of really good stacking deals for eBags over the last week or so. Two of the components of this deal expire today so this is your last chance (for now, at least!).

Huge Stacking Deals at eBags

This is a multi-step deal that is really simple but you must do these things in order to get the most savings out of the deal.

1. Save Amex Offer

stacking deals

Amex has an Amex Offer for eBags about 3-5 times per year and there is one going on right now. So, head over to your Amex Offers first and save the offer to your card(s). The offer is for $15 back on $75+ spend. Once you save it, take your Amex card and move to step 2.

2. Go Through TopCashBack

stacking deals

TopCashBack is currently offering 20% cashback on spending at eBags! That is great! All you need to do is go there from here and you can click to get the 20% cashback! If you do not have a TopCashBack account, click here and you will receive $10 after getting $10 cashback and I will receive $15.

3. Coupons/Codes

The code that works with this is TRAVEL. It takes 20% off your order, though some brands are excluded (like Tumi). But, as you see below, you can earn 20% back in rewards on Tumi products.

4. eBags Rewards

While this is normally just a couple of percent that you can use on future purchases, eBags has a special deal right now for Tumi products where you will receive 20% back in rewards for future spend. That is huge! If you do want Tumi, this should help to make the cost more reasonable.

Putting It Together

So, let’s see how this will add up! For ease of math, let’s take an item(s) that costs $100.

  • Item cost = $100
  • Discount of $20 – $20
  • Amex Offer cashback – $15
  • TopCashBack 20% cashback – $16
  • Total price – $49 or 51% off!

Remember, the Amex Offer is on the Amex end so it will not affect your TopCashBack or final price on eBags. Of course, you could also try using gift cards and buying them in $75 increments as well if you would like to get something more expensive. Either way, this is a great way to realize a lot of cashback and get some nice gear at a bargain as well!

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  • Sweet deal! I was looking to replace some of my older, well traveled bags and with this I can and actually get 2 for a great deal! Thanks!

  • I scooped this up on 3 Amex cards and went through TCB both to buy GCs and for purchases. On my TCB account, it says that all cash back has been “cancelled” by the merchant. Hopefully it comes through, otherwise this deal isn’t nearly as sweet!

  • very clever! thank you Charlie!

    i will wait for cyber monday though!

    e bags has a crazy sale that day as well as every other site on the internet.