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Is President Biden Saying Airlines Are Racist?

Written by Charlie

President Biden made a speech and went after the airlines on fees and slipped in a comment about who it is unfair to.

Airlines have always been about getting profits – like any other business. One of the ways to do that is to put more people inside their airplanes. Another way to do that, and a very lucrative one, is to have fees that those passengers pay to get things like bags, seat selection, and more. And, the more space that seat has, the more it is going to cost you. The Biden Administration is trying to make airlines be more transparent on these fees and here are President Biden’s comments today about this.

President Biden: Does He Think Airlines Are Racist?

President Biden in his remarks today called these airline fees “junk fees” when it comes to space in airplane seats. Here is the clip (it is queued up to start at the part we are talking about here – feel free to watch the whole video that also addresses resort fees):

I am not quite sure what he is referring to about the struggle of knowing these prices. That is, apparently, his issue with this is that they want the airlines to be more upfront and transparent about fees. I think US airlines have done a pretty fair job of letting people know what they are getting (or, rather, not getting) when they book a Basic Economy ticket. Here is an example from Delta Air Lines:

I don’t know what he hoped to gain with saying that this issue is more difficult for “people of color.” I am surprised that the airlines have not jumped on that already to say something about it since it does seem that he is making a sideways reference to the airlines being racist by not making these fees even more obvious than they currently are. We all know that politicians say things for a reason and slipping that line in there when talking about airlines taking advantage of people obviously is there for a reason.

Look, we all know what will happen if the government starts trying to force airlines to get rid of these fees – the airlines will just raise the regular price of tickets even more. Even with things like seats and that. As a safety issue, I do think there should be a minimum distance between the rows of seats to ensure that people can observe a crash position or to evacuate quickly. But, we know that if airlines are not able to get their profits in the ways they are doing now, we will still be paying for it – or more – because they will just find other ways to put these fees and ticket prices up there.

I normally try to stay away from politics but with the elections just two weeks away, it seems like politics have intersected with one of our areas of interest – airlines and aviation – so here we are! I may shut down comments if it gets out of hand, though! 🙂

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  • Biden has dementia. H doesn’t even know where he is most of the time, keeps calling harris the president. He can’t string together two coherent sentences with a handler and a teleprompter present to reign him in. When you are preprogrammed to blame racism for everything that’s wrong in the world, things like that slip out.

    You aren’t even supposed to talk his gaffes or the next thing, YOU will be labeled a _______________ (Fill in the bank) fascist/racist/White supremacist/Putin lover/Democracy hater/ domestic terrorist, etc. In fact, you are probably already on the FBI watchlist for pointing this out

    Let us know how your next experience at TSA is!

  • Watching this clown fiddle about is a national embarrassment. He has dementia yet almost no one in the media and certainly no one is his shameful party will call him out on it.

  • He’s just shameful. This continued divisive narrative is bad for the country. Ha! people thought the orange tornado was bad.

  • Look we’re we are today compared to 20 months ago, this president has done more damaged to this country and the news media is covering him up. He’s against a company from making a profit,wants gas station owners to drop prices when he was the cause of this oil shortage. God Help Us !

  • As a Hispanic POC, all I’ve learned since the Obama years when he set the tone on racism in this country is that any white person who makes $$ bc of their inventions and ideas and is unwilling to share us racist. The white people who side w this party are somehow exempt from that rule despite being extremely rich…ie white Hollywood celebs and musicians. It’s ridiculous the path we’re headed if people continue voting for these looneys.

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