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INSANE Airline Prices Like $18 for Cross-Country Flights Are Hard to Look At (But There Are Deals in the Fall, Too!)

Written by Charlie

Right now, there are insane airline prices all over the US – like $18 to travel from coast-to-coast! While this is not the time to fly, it could be fun to buy for later in the year!

Let’s start it out with this – this is not the time for travel and it likely will not be for at least the next month! I am not advocating that people should be flying anytime in the near future!

But, as a travel/points/miles blogger, I cannot help but be amazed at the cost of airfare in the US right now. And, it is not just for travel this month but cheap prices even exist into the fall of 2020! Either way, hey, it is fun as travelers to at least look at the field and see prices that we cannot book. 😉

Cheap Airline Prices All Over America

Link: Google Flights to Play With

In a way, seeing prices on JetBlue from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles at just $12 has been just cruel to see! But, the good news is that there are still plenty of good deals for the fall time. It also provides a glimpse at how badly airlines are trying to get people on their planes right now.

The good thing about booking travel now for later on in the year is that the change waivers for some airlines are still in effect. That means you can book now and change later with no change fee. But, if you are paying $15 for a ticket now, that new ticket later could cost like $180 so don’t think you are getting an incredible deal with the no change fee. 🙂

Check out these flights that I saw just a few days ago for travel this month (now they cost $18 each way)

But, even for travel in September on American Airlines, you can fly from Miami to Los Angeles for just $33!

How about even later? You can fly from NYC to Phoenix for under $50 in late October! You can also do things like fly from Boston to Dallas for $39 with JetBlue in September.

Heading to Europe in the fall is cheap also. Prices are well under $300 to places all over Europe from NYC – including at $282 on Delta to Athens.

Bottom Line

While I am certainly not telling anyone to buy right now, it is just amazing to look around the US at prices that are less than what you may pay for lunch – but, instead, you fly from coast-to-coast.

But, if you are getting a little cabin fever and thinking about better travel days, checking out the fall and snagging a $37 ticket to get some sun in Orlando in October could make you feel a little better!

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  • Why not get on a plane?
    The economy could surely use your dollars.

    I’m traveling over the US and people (airlines, hotels, restaurants, Uber/Lyft) are really appreciative.

    • The satire falls a little flat, although I have to give you props for trying to keep a sense of humor.