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Increased Offer: 30,000 SPG Points With The SPG Cards

30,000 Starpoints
Written by Charlie

The increased offer of 30,000 SPG points is here! This is a great time to apply as these points are good for hotels or airlines!

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My theory from last month that today would be the day that the 30,000 SPG point offer would return is correct – it is here! Of all the credit card offers, this is probably the one that I have received the most questions as to when it may jump to 30,000 (from the regular 25,000).

The reason there is so much interest in this increased offer, even with just a 5,000 point increase, is because this card only earns 1 point per dollar on all purchases (besides SPG charges). So, it is like getting $5,000 in spending for free with this bonus!

30,000 SPG Points With The SPG Cards

New Features Starting Today

American Express has improved the SPG card somewhat and has added these new benefits:

  • No foreign transaction fees (finally!)
  • Free, unlimited Boingo WiFi
  • Complimentary, in-room premium internet
  • Complimentary access to the Sheraton Club lounge for SPG business credit card customers

With those new features come an increased annual fee for new members (and increased fee when current cardholder’s fee is due) – up from $65 to $95. For me, I am excited about the no foreign transaction fees with this card and it will now take a place in my wallet yet again for foreign purchases. Besides, I wrote last week how I can easily justify the higher annual fee so I will keep it.

Increased Offer – 30,000 Starpoints

30,000 Starpoints

Time to apply for the 30,000 Starpoint offer!

These offers are good through September 14, 2015.

A few months ago, American Express adjusted their spending requirement and it is improved for many. The personal card now requires $3,000 of spending in 3 months to earn the 30,000 Starpoints and the business card still requires $5,000 but in 3 months to earn the 30,000 Starpoints.

The referral program is currently not working with the business card but when it was active, it offered the business card for only $3,000 in spending.

American Express SPG Personal Application (I do not receive a commission for this)

American Express SPG Business Application (I do not receive a commission for this)

Though I do not earn a commission for the above links, I can refer someone for the personal offer. If I did that and you were approved, you would receive the same exact offer as above and I would receive a 5,000 Starpoint bonus. If you would like to do that, please e-mail me and thanks for your support!

What Is This Offer Good For?

SPG points are some of the most valuable and flexible as they can not only be used in a variety of redemption methods for SPG hotels but they can also be transferred to many airlines at a 1:1 ratio with a 5,000 mile bonus when transferring in blocks of 20,000 points.

This is certainly a great offer and as good as it gets for the SPG card! If you have been holding off for it, now is the time.

Who Is This Offer For?

There were a lot of questions surrounding the SPG card refresh as to whether it would be considered a new product or not. It has taken on a new look and new benefits, as well as the increased annual fee, but nothing has been said about it being a new product.

The reason it is important about being a new product is because the personal card offer is only for applications who have never had the card before. So, if you received the SPG Amex card 8 years ago, you cannot get the offer now (even if you cancelled the card 6 years ago).

With the business card, it is different. You can get the bonus if you have not held the business version in the last 12 months. If that is you, it is the best time to get the business card now.


I like the SPG cards and their points. I have used them in a variety of ways over the years. I am not eligible to get the cards again right now but hopefully many of you will be able to go ahead and get these valuable points. I will have some posts during this period of the limited time offer to help show the value of these points.

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  • Charlie I’m searching for a pair of over the ear Bluetooth running headphones.. Can you recommend any? The in the ear ones always flop out and I never know what to do with the rubber loop attached to the ear bud. Thanks!

    • Hi, David – I am actually still waiting on a Kickstarter pair that I backed last year. They are supposed to start shipping next month. If they do everything they are supposed to, they will be an excellent pair of running headphones! I spoke to the creator of them a couple of times and I feel he really knows that kind of fit that active people needed. They have had some delays but will hopefully ship soon. You can see them here.
      Other than that, I always found the in-ear ones to not be that effective but have been using the Bose Sound Sport in-ear and they work really well!
      I will be doing a review of the Freewavz after I receive them if you are curious about them.