I Won 30,000 Aegean Miles – That is 2/3 of a Transatlantic Business Class Award!

Written by Charlie

Thanks to a promotion that many may have missed, I was one of the randomly selected winners to earn a share of the 6 million mile prize! My share is 2/3 of the miles needed for transatlanic business class, so, thank you!

Well, this was a nice surprise! I was in my Aegean account yesterday to get a reservation number for a partner flight and noticed my account was 30,000 miles richer. It turns out, it can pay off to participate in little promotions with foreign programs!

I Won 30,000 Aegean Miles

Edit: For anyone that happens to wonder why I didn’t write about it – when I saw it, it was in the middle of the holiday season and I wasn’t writing a lot of posts. Furthermore, I have signed up for a ton of promos and giveaways and never write about them, it is just not the type of stuff I write about here. Now that I see that people are interested in Aegean promos, I will write about the next one I notice!

Last month, I noticed that Aegean (my main program for earning Star Alliance miles) was having some promotion about “Your Wish Can Take You Miles Away.” They were having members enter this promotion with some fun travel saying. The randomly selected winners would receive their saying on festive headrests on Aegean flights throughout January and miles.

2/3 of a Transatlantic Business Class Award – Thank You!

The “miles” part was what I was interested in! Aegean was giving away 6,000,000 miles to 200 winners in the promotion. I signed up for it when I noticed it, and then I forgot about it!

Well, it turns out that I was one of 200 people that did win! That meant 30,000 Aegean miles for me, which is great for my main use of these miles. I typically use 45,000 Aegean miles for business class flights between the US and Europe so that means they gave me 2/3 of the amount I need for another flight!

What did I learn from this? Definitely enter these promotions by smaller, foreign award programs. There could be a chance that not that many will enter and you could have a shot. I mean, if you look at the list of winners, it seems that I may have been the only non-Greek person selected!

This was not the first time I have won Aegean miles – the last time, it was 250,000 miles! So, I am a happy Aegean participant. 😉

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  • Good for you. I’m still waiting for my $14,000,000 (fourteen millions usdallars) from Nigeria.

    • I negotiated with my prince to get half of that amount in miles so I’m good. Except it is for Nigeria Airways – anyone familiar with them? 🙂

    • I sign up for a lot of different travel things and do not write about any of them because it is not the type of thing I typically blog about. Going forward, I will do that with Aegean since I know now it was a good move!

      • So glad you think you know my intentions. I wrote about it because I had been surprised and wanted to make the point that registering for these promotions can be a good idea! Again, this is like 1 in 500 of the things I entered in the last year and I am not writing 500 posts about giveaways. Now that I know there is such interest in Aegean promotions, I will write about the next one I find.
        But, thanks for raining on my excitement with your trolling.

    • Good grief – typical comments from readers like you two! I don’t even know about how many things I sign up for or fill out over the course of a year! So, me winning these miles is probably like 1 in the last 500 or something. You really want me to write about 500 promos?

  • Charlie, congratulations! Don’t listen/even respond to these folks who chastise you for not revealing every single promotion you enter. It is not realistic. I, for one, enjoy your articles about aegean airlines. Hope you have a good redemption in mind.

    • Thanks, Edward! I appreciate the kind words. At least I know that there is interest in these Aegean promotions for future posts! 🙂

  • Charlie,
    this is so cool!!
    please lets us know how you plan to use the miles!!

    • Thanks, Luanne! Appreciate it! I will likely use it for another business class ticket between the US and either Greece or Israel with Turkish in business. That is my favorite redemption!

  • Hi,

    CONGRATS! I actually tried to enter this for the same reason. I figured the odds were good. However I thought you needed to fly to participate and couldn’t figure it out.

    Did you enter without flying? Thanks.

    • P.S. From looking at the winner’s list there’s only about 1 other name that’s not very very Greek. 🙂