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Hyatt News: New Luxury Award Category and New Military Rate

Written by Charlie

Here is some news from the past week with Hyatt that include the leak of a new Hyatt award category for luxury hotels and a new military rate to honor our members and veterans of the armed forces.

Last week, some attention came when people discovered that Hyatt had a greyed-out new award category with a big point jump. Also, Hyatt released a new military rate ahead of Veterans Day. Here are the details on those news bits.

Hyatt News Update

New Luxury Award Category Coming

At this time, Hyatt has 7 award categories requiring from 5,000 points to 30,000 points per night. In the top tier Category 7, there are hotels like the Park Hyatt New York, Park Hyatt Sydney, and a few others. Those are the hotels that cost the most in both cash rate per night and award rate per night.

However, Hyatt is going to be introducing a new award category – Category 8. This will jump the required points for their top category 33% as the Category 8 hotels will require 40,000 points per night.

The good news is that, at this time, Hyatt will not be putting Hyatt brands in that category. They are prepping this category for their new hotels that will enter the Hyatt program, both through alliance (Small Luxury Hotels of the World) and acquisition (Two Roads Hospitality). This is actually good news because some of these new hotels are very luxurious hotels and it had been wondered how Hyatt would work these new properties into their award program.

hyatt news

The ship that is part of the Two Roads Hospitality group

We don’t know yet which properties will be included in this new Category 8 (after all, one of their new “properties” is actually a ship!). But, it is good news to see that Hyatt is making room on their award chart for luxury properties – even if they will cost a lot of points. Even with the increased cost for luxury properties like this, it should still be cheaper than the cash rates required for these luxurious hotels.

I am fairly certain that some of the top Hyatt hotels will find their way into this new Category 8 at some point but at least it is a comfort that it is not now. It makes sense that they would not move any of their own properties into this category right now anyway since they promote the new World of Hyatt card as having enough points for 2 nights (60,000 points).

New Military Rate

Hyatt also released a new military rate for members of the US Armed Forces and veterans. This rate is good for 10%-15% off the standard rate and is not a prepaid rate (so it is better than the member advanced purchase rate). The code is MILVET and should be entered in the Special Offer Code box. It is good for anyone who has served or is currently serving in any official government-sponsored branch of the United States armed services, as well as their immediate family members.

The military member can book up to 2 guest rooms per stay. This rate is now live and active. ID will be required at checkin.

Featured images is the Spice Island Beach Resort in GrenadaI do now know if this property will be included in the new Category 8 or not.

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  • Is the MILVET code applicable to members and veterans of foreign (non-US) military organizations?

    Is the MILVET code applicable at properties that are outside of the US, and if so, at which non-US hotels?

  • The Hyatt press release says the code is for official US military organization affiliated persons at participating US hotels.

    Marriott has had a government/military rate option, but that has not been generally limited to US properties nor to having US government/military affiliation.

    Word of warning about Hyatt. If the USG/US military affiliated person uses this rate or their points for a Hyatt stay and needs the invoice in their name but their spouse or adult child is the one with the higher status and staying in the same room, don’t count on getting the higher elite status benefits. Hyatt hotels may even charge for the “premium” internet just because the MIL/VET has no World of Hyatt elite status but the additional guest in the room is Globalist/Explorist/Discoverist.

    • Yes, it was for just US military and US hotels.
      Good tip on the status note. Have you noticed this just for military reservations? In the past, when my wife used her free night with me as the other person (with status), we would always get the benefits from my account. Of course, that is not a guarantee, more dependent on the hotel, I would guess.

  • It’s not an issue limited to MILVET rate.

    It used to be the case that Hyatt hotels were way more accommodating of listed additional guest’s elite status than they are now. Some hotel staff say this is the case ever since the change from GoldPassport to World of Hyatt.