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Hyatt Gold Passport – Back Up

The Hyatt Gold Passport part of the system is back up and running!

I wrote this morning that the multi-day scheduled maintenance with Hyatt Gold Passport had carried over to today. Well, fortunately, they have finished their work and it is back up again! Since I wrote a post about it still being down, I think it fair to let readers know that it is back up and you can access your accounts again.

Hyatt Gold Passport – Back Up!

Here are some things to still remember about it and in case you missed it this morning:

Tips For Getting Through To Agents

Now that Hyatt Gold Passport is back up, I imagine their reps phones may be pretty busy. If you need to make some type of booking not available online or have account questions, it may be quicker to use facebook messenger (they have just started using this) as not that many people may have started using it yet for contacting Hyatt. Another option is to try their twitter team as they are pretty fast and responsive.

Do keep in mind when Hyatt Gold Passport comes back up that any points earned since December 12th will not show in your account. That will not show up until the week of the 28th (as is scheduled right now). Below is what they have to say about that:

Will I still accrue points during the system maintenance period?
Yes, you will still earn points on eligible stays, dining credits or spa services. Please note, however, that any points accrued after December 12, 2015 will not be reflected on your account until the week of December 28, 2015.

Will my points earned during this time be automatically added to my account or do I have to call?

Any points accrued after December 12, 2015 will post to your account automatically starting the week of December 28, 2015, You do not need to call a Global Contact Center, and can be assured that any points earned during this time will be credited to your account.

What Happens With Stays Starting Soon?

What happens if you have a reservation that starts tomorrow or sometime soon? They have said these types of stays will be handled on a case-by-case basis (like I have a Points+Cash reservation tomorrow but cannot access it right now – this would be handled on a case-by-case basis if I need to cancel or change it).

The mobile app was still down for a bit but they have since gotten that working as well. So, you can go ahead and make reservations involving points now online and on the app (or on the phone). I am not in IT so I cannot imagine, but I would have to think that this upgrade had to be pretty significant to have this amount of downtime. Hopefully everything goes smoothly from this point on for them and us! I have played around a bit with it and nothing has changed for us, but it is working well.

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  • The website is back up but they changed the Diamond Tier Expiration. We were matched for Diamond till 2017 but now it has changed to 2016. Is it okay for Hyatt to take away a whole year of Diamond Status?

    • I would check with them but it may be that it expires then but then it will reset after that for the new year. I was told that it is a massive undertaking as they are still syncing things up.

  • I was also matched to Diamond with the status ending in February 2017 but after the change it shows status ending in February 2016. If you give me your email Charlie, I can send you my screenshots? The same thing happened to my wife and my dad as well.

      • I had this issue as well. Upon calling they said “This is a known issue, and we are working to correct the error.” So… sounds like it is a known issue and they are working to correct it.