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Hyatt Goes Big with New Promo: Up to 20 Points Per Dollar, Bonus Elite Nights, and More!

Written by Charlie

Hyatt’s new fall promo is coming out soon – and this gives you all the details. This promo could net you as many as 20 points per dollar, plus a bonus elite night for 2021 each time, too!

With other hotel programs weighing in with new ways of dealing with the covid-19 travel situation, Hyatt is now out with their new Bonus Journeys promo as well as extending an already great offer! Here we go!

Hyatt’s Great New Promo

Do you like using points for hotel stays? Hyatt will have you covered through January 4, 2021! Or, are you traveling using cash/credit for stays? Yep, Hyatt’s got you there too with up to 20 points per dollar and even bonus elite nights!

Hyatt’s New Bonus Journeys Promo

In what Hyatt says is their “richest ever” version of this fall promo, you will now be able to earn triple points just for staying at Hyatt hotels (after your first qualifying stay) and, if you happen to have a Hyatt credit card, you can earn quadruple points at resort locationsThat will add up to more than 20 points at those places if you pay with your Hyatt credit card. (the list of 350+ participating properties will be available once the registration is live – it includes 200 SLH properties, 160 Hyatt resort properties, and several MGM resort properties).

But, if you are staying at regular Hyatt locations, it will be the same triple points for everyone – cardholder or not. Getting triple points on your Hyatt spending is a nice haul for sure. Here is what you need to know:

  • Valid for stays between October 1 and January 4, 2021
  • You must register for this promotion by November 30 (registration link is not live yet – it will be October 1)
  • Only stays after the registration will qualify!
  • Bonus is unlocked with first qualifying stay of the promotion
Elite Credits? Here is a Bonus, Too!

Hyatt is not just giving you tier-qualifying credit on nights you stay, like usual, but you will also earn one Tier-Qualifying Night credit toward elite status toward elite status in 2021! That means that each night will count twice for elite status, once for this year and once for next year.

This is a great way to make each night really count for this fall. If you were to stay 15 nights, you will be 15 nights closer to elite status this year and 15 nights closer in 2021 (which will help you earn elite status for 2021 and 2022).

Extension of Current Promos

Another move they made that I like is that they are extending the current promo on the points rebate on free stays. You can read all about that here in this post.

But, it will now run through January 4, 2021. If you have not yet registered, you can now register by December 1.

  • Hyatt credit cardholders register here | Non-credit cardholders register here
  • Non-Hyatt cardholders will get 15% of their points back and credit cardholders will receive an extra 10% (for a total of 25%)
    • This will actually post quicker than they say (mine posted in a week) and it will be two transactions, one for the 15% and one for the 10%
  • Valid for stays completed between July 8 and October 8, 2020 January 4, 2021
  • Redeemed points will be back in your account 6-8 weeks after they are used
  • Earn a maximum of 30,000 points back per transaction (plus another 30,000 points back per transaction for cardholders for a total of 60,000 points)
Hotel CategoryRegular Award CostRebate Amount for Non-CardholdersRebate Amount for Cardholders
Category 15,000 points750 points1,250 points
Category 28,000 points1,200 points2,000 points
Category 312,000 points1,800 points3,000 points
Category 415,000 points2,250 points3,750 points
Category 520,000 points3,000 points5,000 points
Category 625,000 points3,750 points6,250 points
Category 730,000 points4,500 points7,500 points
Category 840,000 points6,000 points10,000 points

In addition, the other promos are still continuing as well like the free parking and the Dine Local, Earn Triple Points. You can read more about those right here in this post.

Bottom Line

With what other hotel programs are doing to make elite status easier for next year, I had been wondering what Hyatt would do. I do like that they are making each night this year (after October 1) count for status for next year plus letting you earn a bunch of points in the process.

I am a huge Hyatt fan so look at this with that in mind – but I think they covered everyone nicely with this series of promos. If you are paying for rooms, you get your triple points (quadruple at resorts). If you are doing everything strictly on points, now you can still get your 15-25% back!

I have to say, I will enjoy my $3,600 suite even more now since it will end up costing me just 12,000 points for the night! 🙂

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