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An Amex Offers Devaluation Has Hit – Hard (No More Saving to Multiple Cards)

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Written by Charlie

An Amex Offers devaluation has hit today that will limit customers from getting the same offer on multiple cards. This is a huge loss to many of us and will cause some cards to lose value overnight for those that justified them based on those Amex Offers.

For years now, the way many of us justified keeping some Amex cards was the great value we received back from Amex Offers. Being able to save the same offer to multiple cards helped to turn a lowly offer of a $10 credit into getting $100+ in credits. However, as of today that is all over.

An Amex Offers Devaluation – No More Saving to Multiple Cards

Before, you would find an incredible offer that did not look incredible by itself. But, when you duplicated your browser tabs and began selecting your different Amex cards in each tab and saving that offer, it became very lucrative! This was because you could save the same offer to multiple Amex cards (even authorized user cards) and then really scale it up.

Amex Offers like this were great to save to multiple cards to save money on more than one ticket.

This was perfect for things like hotel offers, airline offers, and offers for stores where you could buy gift cards. I, and many other people, have saved thousands of dollars using these techniques.

No More Multiplying Amex Offers = Harder to Justify Some Cards

But, as of today, Amex has closed the feature that allowed us to save the same offer to multiple cardsNot a whole lot more to say about that except that this loss will make many people take a hard look at some Amex cards the next time that annual fee comes due.

With Amex Offers, we could get that annual fee back. But, now, it will have to be the features of the card alone that dictate whether someone will keep it. Right now, Amex is lacking a little in that department with some cards.

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