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How To Get Value From Your Uber Amex Offer Before It Expires

Written by Charlie

Uber has become quite a favorite amongst frequent travelers. It is great to use and so easy. And, if you have enough friends and family that sign-up, it can be quite cheap as well (by referrals).

A couple of months ago, American Express offered up an Amex Offer for Uber. While not the best of offers, it is still cash back! The offer was for $5 back on $15 spend.

That is a nice little bit of savings but not everyone was going to be in a position to use that offer on all of their cards before it expires (July 25). If that is you, here is how you can still get some value from that Amex Offer for future Uber rides.

How To Get Value From Your Uber Amex Offer Before It Expires


The easiest way to do it, without actually using Uber before then, is to purchase a gift card. The tough part is that Uber no longer offers gift card purchasing – without asking for the feature to be turned on.

Unlock Gift Cards

To get it turned on for your account, all you need to do is to send an e-mail to Uber – – and ask them to unlock it for your account. I had a response back that day telling me that it was unlocked and I was ready to go.

Buy Gift Cards

After they have unlocked it, login to your Uber account online and go to Payment.


On the next page, click Buy Gift Card. You will need to select one of the credit cards you have on file (so make sure you add the Amex card that has the Uber offer saved to it). Unfortunately, the lowest amount you can buy is $25, so you will be paying $20 for this gift card. Still, you are getting $5 free!


You will receive an e-mail with the gift card code. Take that code and go back to your page and add it to the Promo Code field and apply. That’s it! You will now be $25 Uber-richer while only spending $20 for the credit.

You can only do this once per card (that you have saved the offer to), but if you have multiple Amex cards with the offer, you can do this across all of them. This is a great way to keep the Amex Offer cash without losing it at the expiration date.

If you have a Capital One card, find out how you can get even more free Uber with their partnership – here!


Is this worth it for $5? If you plan on using Uber at all, yes, it is worth it. I do not have that many free rides from referrals, so I will be adding some gift cards to my account to take advantage of this. Do be aware – you can only use the gift card credit in the currency it is in – so in USD. That means this will work great for Uber all over the US. Other places, not so much.

If you have not yet signed up for Uber, you can sign-up using my referral link (here) and you and I will both get $20 in free credits for driving with them.

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