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Deal Roundup: New Amex Offer, 30% Off Luggage and More At Amazon, and More!

Deal roundup
Written by Charlie

Welcome to this morning’s deal roundup! These are some deals that I have seen around and thought they would be of interest to you!

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Deal Roundup

Amex Offer – Mori Luggage and Gifts

Deal Roundup

While I have not personally shopped at Mori before, a 20% off offer when spending $100 is pretty good!

  • Spend $100, get $20 back
  • Expires 9/23
  • Valid online or in-store
  • They do sell gift cards at the $100 level so you could buy multiple gift cards

Make sure you open multiple browser tabs and click on each of your cards to find the offer before you select to save the offer. This way, you can buy multiple gift cards if you are planning on purchasing a larger piece of luggage.

Amazon’s Back to School Sale – 30% Off In Many Categories

Deal roundup

Amazon has 30% off sales a couple/few times a year. These sales cover thousands of items in the clothing, accessories, shoes, and travel accessory categories.

To see the items, click the link below. Add the things you want to your cart and then use the code 30FORALL at checkout to get 30% off.

Shopping Portal Bonus – Road Runner Sports

Sometimes their marketing can be a little annoying to some people (as I type this, one of their sensational type e-mails just arrived in my in-box!) but the discounts for people that join their VIP program are pretty good. For less than $2 for the first year, you can get 10% off everything – that includes gear like GPS watches!

Not only that, but their portal payouts can be really good. Right now, United’s MileagePlus shopping portal is paying out 12 miles per dollar at Road Runner Sports. If you were to purchase the Garmin Fenix 3 (phenomenal watch!) at the $499 price ($449 if you have the member price), that will translate to 6,000 United miles (5,400 with the discount)! That is a great deal!

  • United Shopping Portal Link
  • 12 miles per dollar
  • Expires – unknown, probably not past this weekend
  • Use code CX15Z043 to get an additional 10% off the member price (does not work on Garmins)

Oakley Vault – Sunglasses

I have bought a lot of sunglasses from the Oakley Vault over the years (some for giveaways, some for friends, and some to resell). They often have pretty good deals and they have some now.

One of my favorite glasses for years was the Oakley Flak Jacket (I am currently using the Flak 2.0) and there is a sale on them and others going on now.

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