How to Get the Best Price on the Brand New GoPro HERO 11!

Written by Charlie

The brand new GoPro HERO 11 just came out – and I will show you how you can get up to $140 off what all retailers are charging for it!

Today, the new GoPro HERO 11 was announced and released. Actually, today DJI released their newest action camera as well and Insta360 released their new 360 degree action camera last week so there are a lot of options! For some, the decision may come down to price so here is how to get the best price on the new GoPro HERO 11.

Getting the Best Price on the GoPro HERO 11

If you are comparing the specs sheet, there may not be that much that may stand out at you as being different from the GoPro HERO 10. But, there are some differences that, while seemingly small, can be a big deal.

First up is the new sensor. GoPro has finally increased the sensor size of their action camera! This means better low light detail (where as GoPro cameras are normally terrible in low light) and it lets more light in so the action captured can be captured even faster. Also, it will have better detail with the larger sensor.

Next up is the new stabilization, the HyperSmooth 5.0. GoPro was at the front of leading with their action cam stabilization and, if it holds up like it shows in the videos, this should be some incredibly cool and stable footage, perfect for any adventure.

Also, there is a slight bump in the photo resolution, from 23 megapixels to 27 megapixels. That means a bit more detail in the stills.

But, on the video side, the GoPro HERO 11 gets 10 bit color depth. What this means is that you have a lot more latitude with color correction in post production. To put it to a numbers issue, going from 8 bit color to 10 bit color means going from an image that displays 16.7 million colors to over 1 billion colors! That means that when you are correcting a video, it will handle much better with color reproductions.

Getting the Best Price on the GoPro HERO 11

So, what about that price savings, if you do decide to go for the GoPro HERO 11? Well, Best Buy and other retailers will charge you $499 to buy this camera.

If you use what I show you here, you can get it for $360! But, to do that, you will need an American Express card to get started!

Grab your American Express card and login to your American Express online account. Scroll down to the Offers for You and look for the offer for GoPro. This special offer is good for taking $40 off a purchase of $200 or more from GoPro.



Save that offer to your American Express card. Now, you will be getting $40 back when you use that American Express card on your new GoPro.

Before you head over to GoPro, you can take a stop at CashbackMonitor to see the best portal offers. Clicking through one of those will help you get either more cash back on your purchase or points or miles for that purchase.

Next, when you do get to GoPro, you want to make the selection to get the camera with the GoPro subscription. This would normally cost $50 per year (so you would want to cancel it) but you can bundle that with the GoPro HERO 10 for a price of $399. That is a $100 discount from just the camera itself.


When combined with the Amex Offer, you are looking at $360 out of pocket for a camera that is currently priced at $499 from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and others.

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