How To Get The Best Deal On Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch
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If you are in the market for an Apple Watch, here is how you can save a lot of money on a variety of Apple Watch models!

Smartwatches are slowly becoming a thing (smartwatch manufacturers would like you to believe that it is THE thing but not quite yet!). It gives yet another device that will allow you to have interaction with the world around you while also becoming a bit of a tool for people that like to stay on top of many things include fitness and health.

How To Get The Best Deal On Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has seen quite a bit of popularity, though I am not sure if it at the level that Apple had desired quite yet. I have used one and found it to be a very helpful device in that it allows for two-way interaction in different apps (like answering phone calls on the watch and using it for the speaker, sending messages, saving material you view, etc). I actually really liked it since it gave interaction to me with my phone while my Garmin Fenix 3 gives me notifications only. Still, it was not enough to get me to want to keep in since I find that notifications work just fine for me and there was no way the Apple Watch was beating out my Fenix 3 for running!

The Cowboom Store – Best Buy’s Used Site

Apple Watch

These are great prices for the Apple Watch in stainless steel!

Cowboom Link

Edit: I have received the model I purchased which was marked as Fair without any markings noted and it was in perfect condition with the original accessories and the box. 

I have written before about how much I love and use Cowboom. I have bought many, many items on the site and have only had one bad device (which Cowboom took back without a problem). They have some excellent deals on a wide range of electronics and had recently added Apple Watches to their lineup. For the most part, these are customer returns at Best Buy and they are graded with what may be wrong with them.

Note: Availability goes in and out. If there is a specific model you want, it will come back – just keep checking.

Good Condition

In reality, many of them may simple be missing things like the original box or some accessory but it will mention if it does not have things like the charger or cable in the box (though it may not mention if the box is included). The condition of the watches will vary but if the description does not speak to some cosmetic damage and it does have something, simply return it to Cowboom since it does not mean the description (again, this has only happened to me once out of dozens of items).

Apple Watch Deals

The discount on these Apple Watches is really amazing. For instance, the somewhat newly released Apple Watch Space Black Stainless Steel with Black Sport Band retails at $599 for the 42mm model and $549 for the 38mm model. On Cowboom, you can purchase the 38mm model for $394 as a refurb or $373 pre-owned – a discount of $155 and $176! The 42mm model is also available for $431 for the refurb or $387 pre-owned, another great deal!

The Apple Watch Sport models are similarly discounted with some as low as $261 (down from $349 regular price). If you wanted a chance to get a good deal on Apple Watch models, this the place to get these deals!

This even works out well if you just want to flip them as they are still going for pretty good prices on eBay and Craigslist.

Apple Watch

The resale on used Apple Watch models is still going strong – and for more than you pay here!

Making It Better

To make it even better, you can also use a coupon code at checkout that will get you additional savings. Using COWBOOM10 will get you $10 off anything over $150 and COWBOOM20 will take off $20 for sales over $300. That means you can get a Apple Watch model in stainless steel for as little as $353 before taxes! Not bad at all!

Also, do not forget to check for portal bonuses. TopCashBack is awarding 3% cashback at Cowboom when you shop through them.


The Apple Watch is certainly not for everyone. I really enjoyed the time I had to use it and can definitely see it having its place. If it wasn’t for my Garmin Fenix 3, I would certainly want the Apple Watch. With the Space Black Stainless Steel models ringing in at those lower prices, it really makes it a compelling alternative over the Apple Watch Sport since you get the Sapphire glass and stainless steel casing for less than the Sport model sells for new!

If you are in the market for one, this is the best price around. It even works out to be such a great deal that you could buy it to use for a while and sell for it a little profit if you don’t like it!


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  • Another option if you want a “new” Apple Watch is to buy @ Best Buy in-store. You can get a 5% moving coupon @ the USPS in the moving packet. Use Apple Pay & Discover for 22% cash back if you signed up for the promo or are a new cardholder. Combined savings will be 27%. You will also get Best Buy reward points.

    • Excellent point and nice deal! If you look on eBay, the 10% mover coupons are still available as well and they also work on the Apple Watch.