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How Aegean Airlines Celebrated 200 Years of Greek Independence

Written by Charlie

Aegean Airlines took to the skies to honor Greece on the date of their 200th anniversary of Greek Indepedence. Watch the video to see what they did!

Yesterday, March 25, the nation of Greece celebrated 200 years since the war of independence. They began this fight against the Ottoman Empire in 1821 and this year was a celebration of the beginning Greek Revolution. Aegean Airlines, the national airline of Greece, took to the air to celebrate this momentous day in a very cool way.

Aegean Celebrates 200 Years of Greek War of Independence

March 25, 2021 is actually a celebration of the beginning of the war of independence as it would take another 8 years before independence was gained for the Greek nation.

In Greece, this is a national holiday where everything is closed and normally, there are school and military parades. Due to Covid-19, for the second year, the country is in lockdown so it meant that the regular parades did not take place. That did not stop the people from taking to the streets to celebrate nor did it stop leaders from the UK and Russia coming to Greece to celebrate alongside the Greeks as they were partners with them in the war.

Greek flags fluttered throughout the cities and countries and military aircraft streaked across the sky as they made their way to various cities to do flyovers. The blue and white colors of the Greek flag could be seen everywhere, including on the clothes worn by many of the people celebrating. After all, this is the 200 year anniversary!

Aegean Airlines was not going to be left out of this! So, on March 24, Aegean flight A3 1821 took off to make a special flight over the Peloponnese. Check out their video below to see what they sketched in the air to mark this special anniversary.

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  • Very cool. Glad to see something done this way that doesn’t become fodder for tabloid coverage on VFTW. 😀

    • Haha! Definitely a nice move but one that still got a lot of hate by people complaining about “wasteful” fuel use and such. Can’t please everyone!