Hotels’ Latest Play: Renting Out Rooms as Day Offices from $29 Per Day

Written by Charlie

Some hotels are starting to use their abundance of empty rooms as day offices for people. Some of these start as low as $29 per day.

Hotels are in big trouble right now. Big chains have been adjusting policies to help customers but independent hotels are going to have a tough road ahead. According to a report, 70% of hotel staff in America have been laid off or furloughed. Outside of America it is tough as well – Greece says that over 50% of hotels may close (mostly independent).

Hotels Offering Rooms as Day Offices

So, hotels are looking for ways to utilize this massive amount of empty rooms. Some hotels are making them available for health care workers. Other hotels are using a bond system – selling $100 cards today that will be worth $150 in 60 days.

Yet another play happening now is the “renting” of these hotel rooms as day offices. This is a brilliant use for these rooms as they are currently sitting empty anyways and the day office option is only available from 8am until 5pm (or 6PM). For people that are having to work from home, this is a nice option for those days they need to get out or having full days of conference calls.

Red Roof Inn from $29 Per Day

Plus, you get free wifi, a nearby bathroom, coffee makers, refrigerators (at some properties) as well as a bed if you want to grab a nap! Various hotels are starting to make these available with some hotels in Chicago taking this step as well as the Red Roof Inn chain. The Red Roof has their campaign going on called “Work Under Our Roof” with rates starting at just $29 per day.

Even if a hotel is not formally offering this, it is still worth asking your favorite local hotel if this is something that you can arrange with them. They may be happy for some revenue on rooms they are already not using. Plus, many hotels (especially airport hotels – which definitely are not getting business right now) already offer day rates for customers.

What do you think about this use of hotel rooms? Would you use one as a day office?

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