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Hotels Cancel Customers’ Reservations and Hike Rates to $1,000

Written by Charlie

With the solar eclipse able to be spotted across the US, many people made plans to watch it. But, some customers had the hotels cancel their reservations!


The solar eclipse on August 21 is a big deal and people have been planning travel for the best points to observe it for quite a while. But, some of those customers found their reservations at hotels cancelled and then the rates for those same rooms bumped up almost $1,000!

Hotels Cancel Customers’ Reservations and Hike Rates to $1,000

With something like an eclipse, it was pretty easy for many people to plan way ahead! And many people did, locking in hotel reservation rates at hotels like the Quality Suites in Keizer, Oregon for about $130. But, then this hotel, and others, began cancelling reservations with the Quality Suites citing computer glitch, according to KGW.

Several hotels, according to reports, had been cancelling hotel reservations of customers who had locked in good prices very early on, some as early as last year. When these customers talk to the hotel about it, they are told they need to rebook at current rates – $1,000 and up! Fortunately, the Oregon Department of Justice had received these reports as well and were encouraging others who had this happen to contact them as well.

I stumbled on this story while I was reading another and since the original story was written a few months back, hopefully those customers have had their situations made right! Really bad move to stick it to any customer, let alone customers who had really planned ahead to make this a special event for themselves.

If you have hotel reservations made for the solar eclipse, especially made with points, it may be a good idea to check them to make sure the hotel did not do anything with them.

Feature image by Luftar Rahman Nirjhar of the 2009 Solar Eclipse in Bangladesh

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  • Maybe that’s what really happened to that family with Expedia. I think they were going to Bend (?)

  • Total crap! Shameful!

    We booked a cottage at a state park in Kentucky more than a year out. Still a bit of price gouging at $360/night with a 2-night minimum. Didn’t know a state park could do that with their pricing, but eh. I live in the path for 2024 at least!

  • I hate it when hotels and other companies play games like this. Hopefully they would honor the previous rate if the customer saved copies of the email confirmations, etc.

  • Wait until the airlines get into the game and start jack booting passengers off their plane to resell the seats.