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Hilton Hotel Rooms Are About to Get a LOT Smarter!

Written by Charlie

Hilton is updating their rooms to let you have great customization and control over your hotel room using just your smartphone! Check these features out!

For all the “smart” advancements that have come to hotels and their apps over the last couple of years, I believe Hilton is definitely at the front with what you can do with their hotel app. Now, they are about to make that app even more far-reaching and their rooms a lot smarter for their customers.

Hilton Hotel Rooms Are About to Get a Lot Smarter

Earlier this year, Hilton had said they would begin rolling out control of room functions to their app and this month is when they are starting to do that. They are just starting with a few hotels now but widespread rollout of their smart features is expected throughout the chain in 2018.

Just what will this mean to you as a hotel guest? Here are some of the things that Hilton wants to let you control from your smartphone.

  • Light control
  • Heating control
  • TV control

Already, you can select a certain room before check-in through the app and you can also use your smartphone as a digital key for the room and things like the lounge/club.

With preferences, Hilton anticipates having you able to set your preferences for things like temperature and favorite TV channel and when you check-in, those preferences will kick in. When you enter your room and turn your TV on, you can automatically have it on your favorite channel (no more hotel channel!!!).

These steps are all very encouraging to guests that like customization in the room but there will also be manual controls for those that would rather not deal with the app-based features.

I have had to resort to various thermometer hacks and TV hacks over the years to get them to do things that would just be normal. Having that behind me is pretty nice!

They are expecting to roll it out rapidly throughout 2018 so chances are pretty good that you will have that  feature sometime next year at your next Hilton hotels.

The updated Hilton app will not allow those functions if you are at a hotel that does not yet offer that customization.

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