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Haha – Lufthansa Showed a Video of How European Business Class is Nothing Special

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Written by Charlie

Check out this (now deleted) video that Lufthansa did that shows how their European business class is no different from economy.

For anyone that has traveled in inter-European business class, we know that it is all about the service and the extras – it is definitely not about the seat (with a couple of exceptions). I mean, I have gone from sitting in business class before to sitting in economy – without ever changing my seat so that should explain it all!

Lufthansa Showed a Video of How European Business Class is Nothing Special

But, Lufthansa put a video on TikTok (and then deleted it) which attempted to show how easy it is for them to make more business class “seats” on flights when they need them. In truth, inter-European business class seats are exactly the same as economy but they block the middle seat and they simply move the curtain.

And that is what this video is showing. That the flight attendants can simply slide the curtains back or forward as needed and – instant business class seats!

I don’t know why exactly Lufthansa deleted but I would guess that they were getting some negative feedback/comments on how their inter-European “business” class is really not what most would consider as business class.

But, again, most of us that use their business class know it is not about the seat. Instead, it is what comes with a business class ticket. While all airlines may have a few different parts, here is what I typically expect when flying inter-european business class:

  • At least 2 checked bags at 70lbs each
  • Priority boarding and check-in
  • Lounge access
  • Special transfer if at a remote stand (so, not getting off on a jetbridge)
  • Better food onboard
  • Priority handling if the flight is canceled/delayed

As you can see, none of those things are the seat! Sure, it is nice not to have someone in the middle seat but these seats are really not why people buy or redeem for inter-european business class.

I will say that Turkish Airlines has a very nice business class that they fly on these routes so definitely check them out if it is an option!

I have to say that I do like when companies try to get more relevant in the short video space – and end up making some kind of thing like this where it may have been a blunder to showcase their product like this. 🙂

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