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Guide To Transferring Hotel Points Between Accounts

Written by Charlie

This guide to transferring hotel points between accounts will help you know which hotel chains allow it and how to get it done. Doing this can make that next reward booking a little bit easier to reach!

When it comes to earning and redeeming hotel points, it is always nice to have options! Unlike airlines, hotel point programs have those options where the point amounts vary based on the category of the room, extra nights free when booking a certain number of nights, using points and cash, and even redeeming for suites. The downside may only be that you do not have enough points in your account to cover your preferred redemption method/hotel.

That is where the flexibility of transferring hotel points between accounts can come in handy! Just like their reward structures, hotel programs each have their own rules when it comes to whether you can transfer and how it happens. Here is a guide to transferring hotel points between programs that may come in handy for when you are trying to redeem your perfect award.

Guide To Transferring Hotel Points Between Accounts

transferring hotel points

So, you have just signed up for the SPG bonus (now expired) that offered 30,000 Starpoints and your spouse did the same. In fact, one of you even got the business card for good measure. One of you has 60,000+ points in the account and the other has 30,000+ points in their account. Your perfect getaway requires 70,000 points – perfect situation for a point transfer! Here is what you need to know about the mainstream programs in the US about transferring hotel points.


Transferring hotel points between accounts can make that next booking even easier!

Here is a chart that examines each program. To find out more about each program, check out the section below.

Overview Of Transferring Hotel Points

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Details Of Transferring Hotel Points Between Accounts

Best Western

Best Western allows you to transfer points between accounts for free. The limit is that the accounts that are involved in the transfer must be registered to the same address. To initiate your transfer, you need to call (800-237-8483) or e-mail.

Choice Hotels

This one is really easy – no transfers allowed at all. Not even transfers authorized by a will or decree! So, no combining with this one!

Club Carlson

Club Carlson allows you to transfer points between accounts for free. But, there are some stipulations. If you are an elite member (which all Club Carlson credit cardmembers are – fee versions), you can transfer to any other other without limit.

If you are not an elite member, then you can only transfer points to another member if he/she is registered at the same household address that you are. Also, both members must have been members for at least one year and have not changed account information in the past 30 days.

Transfers can be made by phone (888-288-8889) or e-mail.


Hilton allows you to transfer points between accounts but for a fee. The cost is $12.50 per 5,000 points and points are transferred in 5,000 point increments. The limit is 200,000 points transferred in a single year (which would cost $500 to do).

To initiate the transfer, you must fill out this form – here. You must login before it will let you start the transfer information.


Hyatt allows you to transfer points between accounts for free. The transfer must be made by both parties filling out a form and submitting it by e-mail, fax, or mail. The terms stipulate that the transfer must be only made for the purpose of fulfilling a particular award (which is the reason transfers occur anyway). You are allowed to do one transfer (as the recipient or initiator) within a 30 day period.

Here is the form that must be printed out and filled out.


IHG allows you to transfer points between accounts but for a fee. The cost is $5 per 1,000 points and the points must be transferred in 1,000 point increments. There are no limits to the number of points you wish to transfer.

Points must be transferred using this online form (done through


Marriott allows you to transfer points between accounts for free. The point transfers can only be done between legal spouses or domestic partners. The transfer is to be done at the time of a booking a reward redemption.

Points must be transferred by calling Marriott (801-468-4000).


SPG allows you to transfer points between accounts for free. The point transfers can only be done between members who have their accounts registered at the same address.

Points must be transferred by using this online form.


Wyndham does not allow you to transfer points at all – never. Just like Choice, these points cannot even be transferred by a will after your death.


It is nice to know that the major hotel programs allow points to be transferred between accounts, even if some of them charge a fee. It will depend on the property/use for the points whether you consider it worth it paying the fee. In some cases, it can be very much worth it while at other times it may just be worth it to spend more on that particular hotel card (especially with Hilton).

It is a shame that when Wyndham revamped their program that they did not allow the transfer of points but it is what it is!

There are a lot of reasons why people would want to transfer points, especially within the same family. Now you know which programs allow it and how to go about doing it!

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