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Great Tumi Deal! Stack 24% Cash Back, 20% Off Sale, and Amex Offer for Big Savings

Written by Charlie

For today only, take advantage of this deal trifecta to save over 40% on many pieces of Tumi travel gear! If you are a Tumi fan, this is a great time to get some serious savings on gear that can last for quite a while – and be totally functional for all of your travel.

When it comes to luggage, there are probably not that many brands that have as much pro/con crowd support as Tumi. I get it, they are expensive but I also find them to be of good quality.

Great Deal! Stack These Deals to Get 20% Off and 24% Back on Tumi!

If you can get a nice deal on Tumi, you will be coming out ahead as the bags really hang in there for a long time (I think my Tumi carryon is going on 5 years and hundreds of thousands of miles and still working great).

Well, that time is now! If you want to get a great stacking deal, this is the trifecta! There are over 130 Tumi pieces on sale for 20% off and you can mix that with 24% cash back for today only (if you are a new TopCashBack customer, you can also get $25 back for signing up). Finally, use an Amex card that you have saved this Amex Offer too for another $15 off!

Start Here: Get 20% Off On Tumi and 24% Back from TopCashBack


Link: TopCashback Deal – If you are not yet a customer, see how you can get $25 for free when you sign-up and use TopCashBack!

But the deal I am talking about today is with eBags. They are known for having some great stacking deals (Amex Offers are a big part of that but none are out right now). eBags, like everyone else, has 20% off Tumi but they are also paying out 24% through TopCashBack for Tumi products!  Note: The 24% back from TCB ends today.


That means you can save some serious money right now with this stacking deal!

Make sure you start your shopping at TopCashBack and click through above to get the 24% cash back!

Amex Offer

Check out this post for the details but you can save this Amex Offer to an American Express card and get $15 back on a purchase of $75 or more!

Tumi Deal Example

Let’s take a popular carry-on bag – the Tumi V3 Continental Expandable Carryon (mine is the original Alpha, not the 2). This bag retails for $545, yes, pretty steep! Note, the hot pink one is the one on sale right now.

With the current 20% off sale, you will get it out the door at eBags for $435 (plus you will earn $21.70 in eBags Rewards). But, you will also get the 24% cashback from TopCashBack which will equal $104.40. Deduct that from your purchase price and you will end up an amount (after your cashback posts) of $330.60. If you pay with an Amex card with the saved Amex Offer, you will end up paying $315.60 for this bag that retails for $545. That is a savings of 43% – not bad!

Now, I know not everyone will want that hot pink carryon. 🙂 But that is just an example and there are more than 100 Tumi items on sale! If you want something not on sale, you will still be able to get the 24% cash back and Amex Offer to save some extra money.

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  • Pretty useless – doesn’t not include alpha 2 which is the premier carry on due to light weight & expandability. The hard sided are easily scuffed, can be difficult to fit into some overheads, do not stand up to checked bag abuse.

    • Useless for you or me does not equal useless for everyone. I have a hard shell B&R bag that I use sometimes but prefer the soft Tumi for more space to expand. But there are people that find value in what is on sale.