A Great Price on a Handy iPhone 7 Accessory

iPhone 7 accessory
Written by Charlie

If you are planning on buying the new iPhone 7, check out this great deal for today only on a handy accessory for your iPhone 7!

If you like tech and/or like Apple devices, you probably already know all about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that were announced yesterday. There is a great deal today only on an iPhone 7 accessory that will really help you put the new cameras to work!

A Great Price on a Handy iPhone 7 Accessory

The new iPhone 7 Cameras

There are some new features that I am excited about and one of them is the feature set for the cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus. As an iPhone 6 Plus owner, I knew that I was going to upgrade already but the camera features made it more interesting for me. I have owned some high-end still and video cameras and love the flexibility that they give as well as the unbelievable quality. But, sometimes the only camera I have at hand is the one on my iPhone. This includes times that I want to take photos to feature here on the blog, so I am excited about having some better camera tech in the new iPhone 7 Plus.

A Gimbal for your iPhone 7

If you are interested in taking advantage of some of the great video features and quality of the iPhone 7, then you will be very interested in this iPhone 7 accessory. It is called a gimbal which has built-in motors to give 3-axis stability for your videoing adventures. Put simply, it is a device that you put your iPhone in and you can walk around and take some pretty smooth videos instead of having it all jumpy the way it is when you carry it just in your hand.

Gimbals have made video setups able to go much smaller in the field while still capturing some nice cinematic videos. Gimbals for smartphones and small cameras like GoPros have been out for a while and the prices are not all that bad. But, today’s deal from B&H brings that price even lower.

Today’s Deal – the Feiyu G4 Pro Gimbal

iPhone 7 accessory

The Feiyu G4 Pro gimbal

Link: Feiyu G4 Pro Gimbal | on sale for $199

The Feiyu G4 smartphone gimbals have been reviewed and many people find them to be an excellent gimbal. The Feiyu G4 Pro gimbal, the one on sale today, is actually meant for more than just the iPhone 7 – it can be used with any iPhone from iPhone 4 and up. But, if you have one of the iPhones released in the last couple of years, you will likely want to do more with the video and these gimbals can help to make that video smoother.

The regular price of the Feiyu G4 Pro gimbal for iPhones is $299. For today only, B&H has it as their deal of the day for only $199. I think this is a really great deal and can really help to make your videos smoother. Check out their product description page here. I buy from B&H a lot and they are the best with customer service and returns so if there is a problem, you can always return it. If you are ever in Manhattan, make sure you stop by their store as it is just a fantastic experience (yes, I think I watched the Apple event for too long – too many experiences floating around in my head now!).

Have you used a gimbal for your smartphone? Which one is your favorite?

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