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Great Deals on GPS Watches – with Notifications & Fitness Tracking

deals on GPS watches
Written by Charlie

If you want a watch that can track your fitness and give you smart notifications, check out these great deals on GPS watches!

If you are into running, you likely have at least tried a GPS watch at some point (or at least know a fellow runner who uses one!). I could not believe how reliant I became on mine to tell me my distance and pace so I have used one ever since I started running (I started with the good old Garmin Forerunner 101!).

Great Deals on GPS Watches!

deals on GPS watches

The Garmin Forerunner 235

Fast forward to today, though, and these are no longer just GPS watches! Many of them have incorporated different fitness activities into their systems as well, including being able to do such things as track your steps and calorie burn with built-in HR monitoring systems (on some of them).

Not only that, but some GPS watches also serve as smartish-watches with notifications from your smartphone appearing on your screen. These notifications can be simple phone calls, texts, or e-mails but can also include things like app notifications depending on how your phone is set up.

So, here are some deals on GPS watches! I am partial to Garmin since I have been a Garmin guy for a long time (with a short stint trying to move to Polar and then Motorola) so I definitely would suggest these Garmin watches if you are a first-timer buying one or a veteran runner.

Note: the links below go to Amazon where the prices are the same as at other retailers. But, make sure you check retailers like REI and Backcountry in case you have gift cards/reward cash for them or the portal offerings are more appealing. The Amazon links below are referral links that will pay me a small commission if you buy them. Thanks for your support!

Garmin Deals on GPS Watches

Check each model since they do come in various colors

The difference between the above watches have to do with heart rate monitoring. The base model, the 230, does not come with any heart rate equipment (though you can buy a strap to use with it). The 230 w/HRM comes with the heart rate monitor and strap that can give you your heart rate data and your VO2 Max info.

Finally, the 235 model comes with a built-in heart rate module on the back of the watch (similar to the Apple Watch). This is perfect if you like to track your heart rate throughout various activities but do not want to have to wear the strap all the time.

These are some great deals on GPS watches! I actually just sold a couple of 235 watches on eBay for close to regular retail so I know there are at least a couple of people who wished they had waited. 🙂

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