Great Deal: Sony AS100V Camera 40% Off – Today Only

Sony AS100V
Written by Charlie

The action camera category has certainly grown over the last couple of years as other manufacturers get into what most consider to be GoPro territory. The comparison of what GoPro means to the action camera category is what the iPod meant to the MP3 player category – the product names are almost synonymous with the the category name.

However, Sony has launched some very good cameras in this category and they have carried with it Sony’s legendary video quality. To some, this particular Sony camera beats the GoPro Hero 3+ pretty nicely and it has a couple of nice features that the GoPro line does not have. If you have ever thought about getting one of these small cameras for travel or activities, today would be a great day to do so.

Sony AS100V Camera 40% Off

Sony AS100V

Sony AS100V Link – just the camera – $149

Sony AS100VR Link – with the Live View Remote – $219

As Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day, they have put out the Sony AS100V action camera as two buying options. Both options are for the same camera with the one difference the inclusion of the wrist-mounted Live View remote in the higher priced offering. Either way, you are going to get the highly-rated Sony AS100V at a great discount. You can also use today’s sale to pickup the travel charger at a discount (here) or a Sony 64GB microSD card (here), also at a discount.

I had just obtained a very nice deal on the GoPro Hero4 for an upcoming trip of sorts (a very special trip that I will be talking about within the next two weeks) and also grabbed one of these Sony cameras today so I can do some A/B testing of them to see which works best with the variety of shoots I will do. If you want to know how you can get 30% off any GoPro gear, e-mail me for details.

The Sony AS100V has two features on it that really provide a different perspective over the GoPro line – one is image stabilization and the other is GPS. The GPS data can actually be overlayed over the video that you put out after processing, how cool is that!

Sony AS100V

The built-in GPS can have its data layered over the video

The image stabilization is huge, especially for running. I have used older GoPro models and that was one thing I was never able to effectively manage with the camera itself – the terrible motion made from the vertical movements when running. I have since watched videos of the AS100V on runners and the footage has benefited from the image stabilization. I cannot wait to try that out!

The great part about a sale like this is that there is really very little risk. Amazon has a great return policy and should you keep it past that point, the camera is currently selling for quite a bit more than this price on eBay. That means you could use it and easily recoup your money on it down the road a bit.

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