Great Deal! Get $450 Cash Back On New AT&T Contracts

Written by Charlie

If you are wanting to get a new cell phone provider, or maybe even just get a great phone at a very cheap price, this cash back offer may really help you!

Get $450 Cash Back With New AT&T Contracts

This offer expires tomorrow and is available through TopCashBack. It will give you $450 cash back on new contracts of the 2 year post-paid variety (so, no Next contracts).


TopCashBack AT&T Link

Here are some details about the offer:

  • Please note: You cannot earn cash back in excess of the transaction value from your order.
  • Please note; cashback is not eligible on an iPhone purchase or plan.
  • Cash back is not valid on contract renewels. To earn the stated cash back amount, you must be purchasing a new contract with AT&T Wireless.
  • In order to receive cash back, your overall transaction value (amount paid over the course of your contract) must be higher than the cash back value stated.
  • Please note that the use of a AT&T Wireless promotional/coupon code not posted and approved by TopCashback, may affect your eligibility for cashback.
  • AT&T Wireless Cashback is available through TopCashback on genuine, tracked transactions completed immediately and wholly online.

The most notable of those details is that this does not work on iPhone transactions. That is ok, though, because there are several other high end phones that you can get (and even sell). Also, it is not eligible for renewals.

What To Get?

One of the more expensive, awesome phones available is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This phone was available on eBay this past week for $599 but normally costs more than that. The cheapest configuration (32GB) is available for $299. The 64GB is $399 and the 128GB is $499.


Get a great deal on the Samsung S6 Edge!

If you already have a phone and want to move to AT&T, you could always sign-up, get one of these phones and then flip it on eBay for a huge profit.

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  • Charlie,

    This is a bad deal for most people. I did the math and even with selling the S6 Edge for a $300 profit and the TCB cash back I would still be out $455 (not including tax) over the course of 2 years. (This is on a $80 month plan with 3GB of data). The simple reason is that AT&T service is simply more expensive (and offers less value) than what most people need. I personally use StraightTalk for $45 a month all-in AND it gives me 5GB of 4G data (not just 3GB, albeit it is somewhat throttled 4G but its still about 8MB/s). It uses AT&T’s network so you still get the benefit. Not to mention there’s no contract in this scenario so I can hop to whomever is offering the best service/deal.

    • You make some good points. Of course there are some cheaper alternatives but there are those that could really benefit from such a deal. For example, there are great offers to jump to T-Mobile and have them give you money for your termination fee. T-Mobile has the nice international data without roaming charges on plans over $50.
      Another option is to simply pay the ETF after the first month. If paying with a Chase Ink card, you get the 5x points per dollar. Also, the fee of $350 is covered by the $450 in cash back. So, one could still profit a bit that way as well.
      One other thing – my friends get 23% off their contracts with their companies. That can help to level the field as well.

      • Definitely agree that T-Mobile offers a more compelling set of services for the price, especially with the international data which is great for us travelers. If TCB offered $450 on T-Mo I would definitely be taking a look, though sadly it looks like only AT&T will do it, since they know they will make the money back from most users (sans the 23% discount ones). Right now I am looking into Cricket’s 2.5GB plan, which is $35/mo all-in and uses the AT&T network beating the 23% discount any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, Im all about arbitrage and manufactured spending, but with phones I think the best strategy is to focus on saving money on the plans themselves.

  • *In order to receive cash back, your overall transaction value (amount paid over the course of your contract) must be higher than the cash back value stated.

    Point you made is very good charlie, but I am weary with their terms stated above here. This could mean you monthly bill payments to at&t has to be more than $450?

    • No, it is speaking to the course of the contract. So, if the cheapest was $65 per month, the length of the 24 months would bring the amount to more than the $450.

  • sorry, I meant If we were to follow your the route of your post cancelling the contract after a month and paying etf. If that route were taken , you may not get the cashback after all because you’re not really paying more than 450 for the one month course of the contract?

    • Oh, gotcha. It would still probably work out fine because of the month that you would keep it combined with the activation fee and then the ETF. The $450 is just about a wash on what you would pay AT&T (plus you would get 2,250 Ultimate Reward points if all paid on your Ink card) so it would equal the amount. When they were offering the $350, people had mentioned cancelling and still receiving the amount. But, the uncertainty is why I did not put that in the post itself since I did want to encourage something without knowing for sure.
      One other point – TopCashBack pays out quickly, they do not wait the 24 months of the contract. That means they are basing the cash back on the amount of the contract, not on what you paid initially.

      • I guess the question is, how quickly does TCB pay out? If it’s only after a month or two, then I could see risking it, otherwise it starts to get pricey for someone like me.