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Great Black Friday Deals on iPads and iPad Pros Starting at $249 and iPad Accessories

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There are a couple of really good Black Friday deals on the latest iPads with prices starting at just $249. iPad Pros are also on sale and accessories!

If you are in the market for a new iPad, you are in luck! Apple decided to not update their iPad Pro this year so this means these deals are currently for the latest models out there. I think it was a very smart move to not move to not update the iPad Pros this year as they are already best in class and even handle computer-type tasks without a problem (I have one and love it!).

Great Black Friday Deals on iPads and iPad Pros

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Here is the great thing about the current lineup of iPads – they all have Apple keyboards you can buy that connect to and they all work with Apple Pencils (the iPad Pro 11 and 12.9″ are the only ones that work with the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation).

2019 iPad 10.2″ | $249 and $329

This year, Apple shrunk the bezel of the past iPads to squeeze another .5 inch of display into the unit. Plus, it is a very capable tablet on the inside still as well with very good speakers. Plus, it is the first “regular” iPad that works with an Apple Smart Keyboard.

There are two models and both are on sale. They each come in three colors as well. There is the 32GB 2019 iPad 10.2″ for $249 and the 128GB 2019 iPad 10.2″ for $329. If you value storage, definitely go for the larger version. Otherwise, the base model fo $249 is really a steal since this is so new. If you want to have cellular capability, you can pay extra for that as well.

Oh, while you are at it, you may want to grab an Apple Pencil for just $79 for Black Friday as well! Once you use one, it is hard to stop using it!

iPad Pro 11″

Now we get to the true workhouse in the iPad lineup. Trust me, the iPad Pro is just incredible. Remember, it is so small and thin so it does not have a fan system yet it can handle some pretty complex graphical tasks and even high-end gaming without skipping a beat.

These prices are very good for what you get, plus with the new iPadOS, the iPad can truly be more of a computer than it has ever been before (though it most definitely is still NOT a computer).

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This is the model I have and I think it is the perfect size for some one that will be taking it around with them all the time. If you can deal with cloud-based storage, the 64GB should be sufficient but if you plan on using it for photo editing (with Adobe Lightroom or the full Photoshop coming later this year), you may want to go up to 256GB of storage since you cannot expand the onboard storage. Both Silver and Space Gray are on sale.

Cellular models are discounted as well! This is a great way to add a Google Fi data SIM and have fast data coverage around the world for a flat $10 per 1GB!

I am actually suggesting you pass on the iPad Pro 12.9″ at this time. The sale prices are not nearly what they had been earlier this year so we will see them come down at a later point. For now, pick between the 10.2″ regular iPad or the 11″ iPad Pro. That is the one I own and I find it to be the perfect balance if you are going to be out and about with it.

By the way, if you want to use the iPad Pro to type on, I highly recommend the Apple Smart Keyboard. It is on sale right now also and it is a bit more expensive than other options but it is as seamless as can be with the iPad.

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