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Google Flights is Offering Price Guarantees on Select Flights

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Written by Charlie

The new Google Flights price guarantee is about to take off and put all of Google’s big data to work to make sure you get the best price for select flights. Find out all about it here.

There are times that big data can be a huge help to us and this is one of those times. For a limited time, Google Flights will be trialing their Price Guarantee on booked flights. If the price drops after you book it, they will go ahead and refund you the difference! Sounds great, right? Well, let’s see the details to know for sure.

Google Flights is Offering Price Guarantees on Select Flights

Link: FAQ about Google Flights Price Guarantee 

Remember, this is Google and they have been at this for a while so don’t expect to just start booking a ton of flights and waiting for the checks to roll in! For starters, Google Flights will only show the price guarantee badge (see below) on flights that their algorithms show are likely at their lowest prices already. This isn’t bad news, though! This means that when you see that badge, you can buy with confidence knowing that Google is willing to put their money where their mouth is that it is the best price you will find on that route for that day!

Another thing is that Google is likely using this as a way to incorporate more data on people’s habits with such flights before doing a full market rollout. As such, this Google Flights price guarantee will only be available for flights booked between August 13 and September 2. You don’t have to fly in that timeframe, just book. You have until November 24 for your flight to complete to be eligible for that price guarantee. This price guarantee is only for select US originations to other US destinations and select international destinations, for now.

Finally, here is how the price guarantee will work. If the price drops more than $5, Google will take care of it from there and refund you the difference. However, the maximum you can receive from price guarantee with all flights is $500 total. Still, that is not that bad at all!


It was only a matter of time before Google stepped in this arena of travel – and I am glad they did! I really don’t mind that they are only offering this price guarantee on flights that their algorithms show will not drop in price. It means that I can book with some amount of comfort that I am already getting the best price and if, for some reason, the airline surprises Google and drops the price, I will get money back!

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