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Good Deal on DJI Mavic Pro Drone – Perfect for Travel Video/Photo

deal on dji mavic pro drone
Written by Charlie

Get a good deal on the DJI Mavic Pro drone – an incredibly popular drone with a great camera and excellent portability.

If you have ever wanted to give drone photography a try, a great drone to use is the DJI Mavic Pro. It is a small, foldable drone that provides some pretty great photos and videos. It comes with the controller and can be controlled up to 4 miles away with 27 minutes of battery time and a speed mode that kicks it up to 45 MPH! It is an amazing piece of tech!

Good Deal on DJI Mavic Pro Drone

deal on dji mavic pro

Link: DJI Mavic Pro Drone

The official DJI store on eBay is selling the refurbished model for $799, a savings of $50 on the regular refurbished price. The new price is $999 so this is a nice savings. With refurbished models, they go over the drone and replace anything that shows any sort of wear or strain so you are getting a great condition, like-new device.

My first drone photo with the DJI Mavic Pro

I love my Mavic Pro and it fits so easily in bags! It is small and stealth and does a really good job, even in somewhat windier conditions. It will not be as stable as the bigger brother Phantom drones but it still does a good job. I have tried and compared the Mavic Pro to the new Spark and think the Mavic Pro is definitely the way to go, even for travelers. Not only is it a higher quality camera and it offers an extra axis of gimbal stabilization, but it is essentially the same price with this deal as the Fly More combo of the Spark ($699).

Please learn the laws for your area and the areas you are traveling to before you fly the drone! Follow the rules and be respectful!

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