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Get the Brand New Samsung S9+ and S9 At a Discount Now – With Dual SIMs

Written by Charlie

Get a deal on the new Samsung S9+ and Samsung S9. While not a huge discount, you get dual SIM slots and save on tax and activation at the time of sale. Or, check out the great Samsung Note 8 for under $600!

The brand new Samsung S9+ and S9 have been hitting homes and stores and Samsung fans have been grabbing them up. However, unless you are getting a preorder deal or a deal with your carrier, you are going to be paying quite a bit when you take into account the cost of the phone, taxes, and possible activation fee.

Brand New Samsung S9+ and S9 at a Discount Now!

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Links: Samsung S9+ for $819 – factory unlocked and dual SIMs

Samsung S9 for $709  – factory unlocked and dual SIMs

Instead, check out these pretty nice deals on eBay from a legit seller for the international versions of the new Samsung S9+ and Samsung S9. Not only will you get them at a discount, but no one outside of Texas will pay sales tax when you buy the phone.

These phones will not work on CDMA networks (like with Sprint or Verizon) but they do have dual SIMs which is great for the international traveler. You can have an AT&T or T-Mobile (or other GSM network) SIM in for use in the US and then have a local SIM for a foreign country or a Google Fi data only SIM in for your travel abroad.

I am an iPhone user, but mainly because I use a Mac and most of our family is in the iOS system. That means I am kind of wrapped into the iMessage/FaceTime thing. But, there are a lot of things about the Samsung phones that I do love and if I needed an Android phone, I would be severely tempted by these!

The most notable difference between the Samsung phones from this year and the S8/S8+ has to do with the camera. The Samsung S9 gains a better camera system with better low-light performance thanks to the variable aperture lens.

Samsung Note 8 for Under $600

Link: Samsung Note 8

However, if the prices on these new phones are still too steep, you can get a really great deal on the Samsung Note 8. Honestly, that is the one phone that really made me want to jump ship from the iPhone. It sits in the hand very nicely with its 6.2″ screen and the dual camera system is a nice upgrade from the S8 line as well. Couple that with an awesome screen and good battery life and you have a winner (plus, it does not catch on fire!).

That one can be had in excellent shape from another great eBay seller for just $579. That is a steal from the usual price on that phone.

One of the great things about Samsung phones, besides their vibrant screens, is the fact that they take microSD cards to increase their storage capacity. I cannot stand that Apple will not do that for their phones as apps get larger and camera file sizes get bigger.

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