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Going To Europe This Year? If You Are Aegean Gold, Make Sure You Use These Great Benefits And Perks!

Aegean Gold
Written by Charlie

Even though Aegean has changed the way their elite status is earned, there are still thousands of you who will not lose your Aegean Gold status until the end of this year – even though you earned it under the old system.

Aegean Gold Members, Make Sure You Take Advantage of Your Benefits

Aegean Gold

Along with the change in earning the status came a bunch of perks for their Gold members. Since grandfathered Gold members have those perks and benefits as well, it is worth taking advantage of them before they disappear. If you are headed to Europe this summer or fall, you can take advantage of these cost-saving benefits to enjoy a bit of Greece.

If you are already going to be in Europe, it is only a short (and often, cheap) flight to the major cities or islands of Greece. With benefits like business class upgrades, that flight can be made even more enjoyable!

Business Class Upgrades

All Aegean Gold members have received 4 business class upgrades with the new program. These upgrades work on even the cheapest of tickets meaning you can fly to/from Greece for as low as $35 – in business class using these upgrades!

The business class upgrades are only supposed to be for the Aegean Gold member, but there have been many reports of those upgrades having been applied to other passengers’ tickets as well.

Find out how to use these business class upgrades and details about them in this post.

Companion Tickets For 50% Off

Another benefit is 2 companion tickets giving you 50% off (or, essentially, a buy-one-get-one-free coupon). These tickets are only for domestic tickets but Aegean’s domestic network is great and being able to get from Athens to the many wonderful cities and islands around the network with this discount coupon is a great way to enjoy it on the cheap.

The requirement, of course, is that you need to have a companion. To find out about this companion ticket and how to use it, check out this post.

Maximize Your Miles With The Together Accounts

This is a great way to accumulate enough miles for an award and this needs to be done before you lose your Gold status. Once you activate the Together accounts, you can pick up at least 5,000 extra miles with only a few minutes of work.

Aegean’s award chart has some nice spots and adding other’s miles to your account is a great way to take advantage of them. To find out how to activate those accounts, check out this post.

Restaurant Relationships

Gold members also get discounts at a number of restaurants around Greece. In particular, you can get 10% off at Goody restaurants around Greece. Goody’s is Greece’s fast foot variant of McDonalds, but the food tastes much better! In addition to Goody’s, you can also get 20% off other, nice restaurants. That is a great benefit and gives you incentive to try out some of these places during your visit to Greece. To read more about these relationships, check out this post.

Free Parking And Free Valet Parking

If you take a quick trip to Greece during your swing through Europe, do not forget about your free parking coupons! Parking at Athen’s International Airport can be an expensive proposition. However, if you have a rental and want to take off to another Greek location during your stay, you may find yourself needing to do that. Your Gold status gives you 2 free coupons for 24 hours of parking at Athen’s airport (each certificate is for a 24 hour period). In addition to that, you can also take advantage of a free valet day of parking. You get one certificate for this as well.

Of course, this perk may not be of great use to you if you are just passing through. Still, nice to know it is there!


If you are in your final year of Aegean Gold status, these are some great bonuses to take advantage of before your status expires. Not only are they some nice perks, but they can be serious cost savers as well. In the instance of the business class upgrades, that would definitely be a difference maker if you were deciding between flying on Aegean or another airline. That is true especially since Aegean can be quite competitive, even with the carriers like Easyjet and Ryanair. If you are headed to Europe this year, try to carve out some time to take advantage of your benefits – they are worth, potentially, hundreds of dollars and they give you a nice reason to visit Greece during your European trip.

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