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Did You Get Into Boston?

The registration window for the Boston Marathon has closed and the letters have been sent out. This year, the window opened for all registrants again on Monday and all but 1,947 entrants have been let in.

This year’s Boston Marathon cut-off time was 1 minute and 2 seconds. That is a better margin than last year which was cutoff at 1:38, and that was with an expanded field. According to the stats, over two-thirds of entrants beat their qualification time by 5 minutes or more. That is very impressive and a great achievement, as well as simply qualifying for Boston.

According to the Boston Marathon, here is the breakdown on those who were accepted into the 2015 Boston Marathon:

  • 4,093 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 20 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 6,490 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 10 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 6,160 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying time by 05 minutes, 00 seconds or faster.
  • 6,447 Qualifiers accepted met their qualifying times between 01 minute, 02 seconds and 04 minutes, 59 seconds.
  • 356 Qualifiers accepted who had an active streak of 10 years or more

That is very impressive to see the amount of people who beat their qualifying time by at least 20 minutes! Well done to all and good luck with the training! The posts on travel for the Boston Marathon will begin rolling out shortly so, if you are among those going to Boston, check back to find out how you can get some great travel for pennies on the dollar!

Numbers taken from the Boston Marathon website

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  • Are you running Boston? I did it in 2010 as a charity runner with Ryan Hall’s group – the Step Foundation. I actually booked a hotel or two for 2015 in the event I decided to go the charity route again, but I’m not sure. My next marathon is on my birthday, October 19th – Mount Desert Island Marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine. The medal looks like a lobster and probably, so will I by the end of that day! cheers.

    Kathy – Will Run For Miles