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How To Get Some Amex Offers You Cannot Find – Without Twitter

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Written by Charlie

Here is a little tip to find some Amex Offers that you may not be able to otherwise find – and you do not need a Twitter account!

Amex Offers are one of the great equalizers when it comes to making back your annual fee on American Express cards. Not only that, it can help you make some money on certain offers. I have been fortunate to save over $1,000 in the last year or so using many offers. Sometimes, there are Amex Offers that are targeted only to certain products (like Membership Reward cards) or to certain customers. However, I did find one way yesterday that some offers were available to me that I did not find the normal way.

How To Get Some Amex Offers You Cannot Find

I have used the Amex smartphone app for a long time for Amex Offers but only for one reason – to see what the launch date of an offer is/was. That information is not available on the American Express website but is available on the app. This can be helpful since I write about them and I can find out a glance if it was an offer that was around for a while or not.

Different Offers Between Smartphone App and Website

But, now there is another good use for the app. I noticed yesterday that some Amex Offers were showing up on my phone that were not showing up in my account online. This was a helpful piece of information as it was true for 6 different offers across various cards. Not all were the same so this will likely vary for different customers.

It is absolutely something that you should take note of when a good offer is written about and you do not see it on your account online. Go to the smartphone app (iPhone or Android) and check to see if the offer is available there. If it is, you are all set!

Caution – Cannot Maximize Offers Through the App

But, one word of caution – if you have all your American Express cards in one online account, you cannot use the multi-browser/tab trick to save the offer to many cards when you use the app. Once you save the offer on the app, it will disappear from all the other cards on your account. I do not know if this is why American Express may be trying this or not but it certainly does block that little way of maximizing Amex Offers. Still, better to get one than none at all!


Try this out and see what offers show up differently for you! I have tried this on various accounts for various people and each time find an offer or two on at least one of the cards that is different on the app than online (and vice versa). Let us know in the comments what Amex Offers are available this way.

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  • Let me add some more points to your post.

    This may be happening because Smartphone app try to match the offers in the surrounding area.

    It mostly comes into picture for the restaurant offers.

    I have noticed in the past that when I travel to big cities(NYC,LA,Chicago) I will always find more amex offers through app than when i am at home.

    In the past I have noticed few offers only when I am near that location Perry Ellis, Jumba juice,QuikTrip and many more restuarants

    One more way to add these offers is that Nearby Offers Feature from you smartphone.

    • Good point! However, I am out of the US right now and have that turned off so it did not work for me because of that but could certainly work for others a!

  • Well, I could not find the Gap in store offer online for example, but did see it on various cards in the app. Course the one I was most interested in, Dropbox, I couldn’t find anywhere (I hit a similar offer last year might explain its absence). Anyway, a good reminder. Worst case over time I could migrate to separate accounts for each card, though that would be more of a pain of course. Or maybe I could just hit Save on my iPhone and the wife’s and my iPad “simultaneously” and that might work… (joke)