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Get 5X UR Points & 10% eBay Bucks [Targeted] On Delta Airlines Gift Cards

Written by Charlie

Find out how you can get a potential 15% rebate/bonus on Delta Airline gift cards for future travel!

eBay had sent out their targeted offer yesterday for 5x bonus on eBay Bucks (eBay’s rebate system that they payout on every quarter for purchases made). While it is targeted, it is often available to many people so search your e-mail inbox or check your eBay account when you login on the homepage.

When combined with things like gift cards sold by PayPal Digital Gifts, you can really get some great discounts/bonuses. Note: While it is not something that may be around forever, gift cards purchased from PayPal Digital Gifts (when using a Chase Ink card) have earned 5X Ultimate Reward points! That is a nice way to fatten up your Ultimate Reward balance while buying gift cards online.

Get 5X UR Points & 10% eBay Bucks [Targeted] On Delta Airlines Gift Cards

Recently, they have begun offering Delta Airline gift cards from their eBay store! With the Chase Ink trick and the eBay Bucks bonus currently going on, this is a great way to get a great savings on future Delta flights while also earning 5X Ultimate Reward points for those flights!

How To Do It

Before you can get the 5X eBay Bonus Bucks (if you were targeted), you need to activate it. When you are logged in to your eBay account, check on the homepage for the Bonus Bucks banner and click “Activate Offer”. Once you do that, you are good to start buying!


See if you are targeted for the 5X eBay Bonus Bucks!

This offer is good for items that cost $50 or more so keep that in mind. Also, this offer expires tonight (9/17) at 11:59PM PT. That means you must pay for your item(s) before then.

Now, go to the Delta Airlines gift card item – here. You can purchase either $50 or $100 gift cards. I was able to add 10 of the $100 cards to my cart without a problem. The max you can earn from one purchase with the Bonus Bucks is $100, so do not buy more than $1,000 in Delta Airline gift cards at once. But, you should be able to go back and do it again.


Get $100 for future purchases with this bonus when you buy $1,000 in Delta Gift Cards!

Next, pay for this with your Chase Ink card. For some reason, they have been issuing 5X Ultimate Reward points for these purchases and for quite some time. No telling when they may decide to end it but it worked the last time I tried it a couple of weeks ago.

Doing The Math

Let’s say you max out the bonus for one purchase – $1,000 (for $100 in eBay Bucks to spend later). Let’s see how it works out.

  • Buy $1,000 in gift cards
  • Get $100 for future eBay purchases
  • Earn 5,000 Ultimate Reward points
  • Get another 1% using TopCashBack before buying ($10 more in cashback)
  • Total – $110 cashback and 5,000 UR points (worth at least $75 depending on your transfer partner)

That is pretty good value for purchasing airfare! Of course, make sure you read the extensive terms and conditions of the Delta Airline gift cards so that you know exactly what you are purchasing and how to use it. I have included them below:

Terms of Delta Gift Cards

  • Call 800-221-1212 for balance information and customer service.
  • eGifts and Cards may only be used for the total purchase price of air transportation, including taxes, fees, and surcharges imposed on the air transportation. They may not be used for any additional fees (including baggage fees) or for any other products or services (including class upgrades, in-flight purchases, premium seating, mileage booster, SkyMiles Cruises, cargo, hotel stays, or car rentals).
  • eGifts and Cards may only be used for travel on Delta Air Lines marketed flights, including those operated as Delta Connection® and by Delta Air Lines codeshare partners with a Delta Air Lines flight number.
  • eGifts and Cards may only be used for the Delta Air Lines air transportation portion of a Delta Vacations package.
  • eGifts and Cards can be issued only in U.S. dollars (“USD”). If an eGift or a Card is used for the purchase of a ticket issued in a currency other than USD, the full value of the eGift or Card will be converted to that currency using the Bankers Rate of Exchange in effect on the date of ticket issuance, and the rate of exchange will be indicated on the ticket.
  • Tickets purchased using eGifts and Cards are subject to the applicable Delta Air Lines Contract of Carriage and fare rules (including change penalties).
  • If redeemed at, a maximum of three forms of payment (including eGifts or Cards) can be applied towards a single transaction, regardless of the number of tickets purchased as part of that transaction; if redeemed through any other method, a maximum of three forms of payment (including eGifts or Cards) can be applied toward a single ticket. eGifts and Cards can be used with other eGifts and/or Cards, but cannot be used in conjunction with any other certificate, voucher or credit towards a single ticket.
  • eGifts and Cards are not reloadable and do not expire. No service or inactivity fees apply.
  • eGifts and Cards, including those that are lost, stolen, or destroyed, will not be replaced by Delta for any reason.
  • eGifts and Cards are not credit, debit or charge cards, and have no implied warranties.
  • eGifts and Cards are not refundable and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash, check or credit except where refund or redemption is required by law.
  • Where eGifts or Cards are redeemed for a ticket, but travel is not taken, the value of the redeemed ticket (after any applicable penalties) will be provided in accordance with Delta Air Lines’ standard policy regarding ticket refunds.
  • eGifts and Cards may only be sold by Delta and Delta-licensed vendors. eGifts and Cards that are for sale or sold by an unlicensed vendor are subject to confiscation or voiding by Delta.
  • eGifts and Cards that are altered or obtained fraudulently are subject to confiscation or voiding by Delta.
  • Delta is not responsible for eGifts or Cards that are undeliverable or not received due to inaccurate delivery information provided by the purchaser.
  • Delta reserves the right to refuse, cancel or hold for review transactions initiated using eGifts or Cards for suspected fraud, incorrect certificate or card denomination, or violations of these terms and conditions.
  • Delta may at any time and without notice change these terms and conditions or contract with a third party to administer the eGift program or the Card program.
  • Use of eGifts and Cards is subject to applicable law. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and applicable law, applicable law will govern.
  • The laws of the state of Georgia, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions, apply to these Terms and Conditions and use of any eGift or Card.
  • Delta and its affiliates make no warranties, express or implied, with respect to eGifts and Cards, including any express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • eGifts and Cards are issued by Delta Gift Cards, Inc. (“Delta”), an affiliate of Delta Air Lines, Inc., that is authorized to issue eGifts and Cards for sale by Delta and Delta-licensed vendors to be used toward the total purchase price of air transportation on Delta Air Lines marketed flights.
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  • Ebay somehow locked my account. I can buy Ebay items but cannot buy gift cards. My Paypal goes in a loop. Is there a limit or something?

    • There is a limit, but it depends on the gift cards you are buying. The ones that are on sale typically have a limit but I do not know of one on the airline cards. I would call PayPal. They locked my account recently because of what they thought was “suspicious activity” and it just took a phone call and identification questions to get it unlocked.