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Great Deal! Get 45 United Miles Per Dollar on Magazines (Buy Miles for 2.22 Cents Each)!

45 United Miles Per Dollar
Written by Charlie

A great deal is here that will let you buy magazines and get 45 United miles per dollar! That is like buying United miles for 2.22 cents – and magazines! is not the best place for deal hunters of magazines to typically go. BUT, they often run some pretty great mileage portal deals that can result in essentially buying miles at a discount – and getting magazines. This is such a time with 45 United miles per dollar so check it out!

Get 45 United Miles per Dollar

45 United miles per dollar

Get 45 United miles per dollar when you buy magazines!

The Deal: 45 United Miles Per Dollar

Link: United MileagePlus Portal

I am not sure how long this will last but these high offers typically do not last more than a couple of days so I would move quickly. My guess is that it is for today only – October 10, 2016.

This deal of 45 United miles per dollar is available through the United MileagePlus portal – to United credit card holders and non-holders alike. You can use any card to pay for your magazine orders but you must login with your United account in the portal to receive the 45 United miles per dollar.

This is a great deal if you want to bulk up on some United miles as it is cheaper than buying United miles outright and almost as cheap as the best sale that United has had – the 100% bonus (which required you to buy a minimum of 30,000 miles or more.

Also, this does not go against your yearly limit of how many miles you can buy since you are not really buying miles.


Remember, portals can take away your miles or points if you use coupons/discounts that are not advertised for use with the portal. In this case, there are a few you can use:

  • Save $5 on over 150 magazines | valid October 10 only | Code: COLUMBUS
  • Surprise Sale | valid October 10 only | Code: SURPRISEME

Give or Donate

You can buy magazines as gifts or even to donate to your library/hospital/school. They would likely be happy to receive them and you will get 45 United miles per dollar for your kindness!

If you would like an example, check out this page for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. It tells you what kind of magazines they would appreciate the most so it could be a good way to get some for something good without waiting to hear back from the organization as to what would be best.

The Numbers

If you are redeeming for economy redemptions, this is really not a great deal for 90% of those redemptions. However, if you wanted to redeem for premium cabin travel, it could present a good opportunity. Just remember to check for prices to your destination first as the airlines have been running more and more premium cabin sales over the last year and you might be better off just purchasing the ticket.

For an example, if you wanted to redeem a one way business class ticket on United to Europe, it would cost you 57,500 miles. If you needed to buy all of your miles for that ticket through this 45 United miles per dollar deal, you would pay $1,277 for a one way ticket. Since one way tickets to Europe can be ridiculous, that could be a good deal for some. But, it would be an even nicer deal if you are able to redeem to a place that normally costs much more than that.

Remember, you can get as few as 45 United miles (if you could spend just $1) or as many as you want! Start your Christmas shopping early and get some great miles for it!

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