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Get 40 AA Miles Per Dollar (Works with 500 Mile Bonus Also) On Magazines

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Written by Charlie

For a limited time, you can get 40 AA miles per dollar through the AAdvantage portal when you shop at This is perfect for a top up!

Last week, we saw a great offer from United that offered 45 miles per dollar at This week, we have American Airlines with 40 AA miles per dollar. This is not the highest. Earlier this year, it was up to 50 AA miles per dollar. Still, if you want to buy magazines and you like AA miles, this is a good deal.

40 AA Miles Per Dollar on Magazines

40 AA miles per dollar

Link: American Airlines Shopping Portal  – 40 AA Miles Per Dollar

Last week’s deal with United only lasted the day so this may be the same. That means, you will need to move on this today if you want American Airline miles. All you need to do is to click through the AAdvantage Shopping Portal and buy the magazines. There are no discount codes this week and do not add them if you do not see them on the portal! The portal can strip the miles away if you use a discount code that is not on the portal.

Not Better Than Buying Miles

There is a promotion going on right now where you can buy AA miles and get bonus miles. At the best end, it is paying 2.2 cents per mile. If you were to spend $200 (to kick the 500 mile bonus in) on magazines today, the cheapest you could get is 2.3 cents per mile. So, if you want to buy in bulk, it is better to buy them directly from American Airlines (link here).

Great If You Need Under 20,000 Miles

But, if you just need to top up your account, this offer is better. The AA buy mile promo does not kick the bonus in until you buy 20,000 AA miles. Anything less than 20,000 miles and you are better off “buying” them through this portal deal.

500 Mile Bonus

Through October 18, if you spend a cumulative total of $200 through the AA portal, you will receive a 500 mile bonus. That would work with this as well (link here).

Give or Donate

You can buy magazines as gifts or even to donate to your library/hospital/school. They would likely be happy to receive them and you will get 45 United miles per dollar for your kindness!

If you would like an example, check out this page for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. It tells you what kind of magazines they would appreciate the most so it could be a good way to get some for something good without waiting to hear back from the organization as to what would be best

Should You Do It?

This is not as good of a deal as the United offer, especially with the AA buy mile promo going on. Still, if you want to top up an account or you need to get some gifts, this could be a great time to pull the trigger.

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