Limited-Time: Get a 20% Bonus on Points Transferred to Etihad

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For a limited time, you can get a bonus on points transferred to Etihad. This works from a variety of partners and may be useful so check it out.

A new transfer bonus is up today that gives a 20% bonus on points transferred to Etihad. While this is not something every will want to do, if you like to book some of the nice awards that Etihad offers, this is a good chance to get a boost on your points transferred to Etihad.

Get a 20% Bonus on Points Transferred to Etihad

points transferred to Etihad

Some of the partners that will net you a 20% bonus on points transferred to Etihad

Link: Program Transfer Info

The e-mail that notified members about this program only specified American Express Membership Rewards, SPG Starpoints, Marriott Rewards, and Hilton Honors. But, the link they sent people to gives a much wider range of partners to use with this 20% transfer bonus.

The way this works is that you transfer your points to Etihad at the given rate for transfers. Whatever total miles end up in your Etihad account will have 20% added on to it from this bonus.

While this is not likely to be a great deal for most people, there are some things to consider. If you transfer SPG Starpoint at the rate of 20,000 point blocks, you will receive a 5,000 mile bonus from SPG. When that 25,000 points reaches your Etihad account, you will receive a 20% bonus to bring it to a total of 30,000 miles.

points transferred to Etihad

You can book directly with Etihad at these point amounts. Keep in mind that this same trip would cost 62,500 AA miles.

Another thing to consider is the new merger between Marriott and SPG. If you were going to transfer Marriott points to Etihad (which I would not recommend), it would take 166,000 Marriott Reward points to transfer 25,000 miles to Etihad! If you were to transfer those Marriott Reward points to SPG, it would give you a total of 55,000 SPG Starpoints – a much better way to do it!

Keep in mind that some Etihad awards, like those with partners, may need to be called in and can be a bit difficult to book/find availability. But, it can also be a good way to book Middle Eastern flights on partners so give it a look. For more information, check out this post.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer is valid for all Points to Miles conversions made between 1 October and 31 October 2016 both days inclusive.
  • All participating points conversion partners: Accor Hotels, ADCB, Radisson Blu, Citibank, Emirates Islamic Bank, Heathrow Rewards, Hilton Honors, AMEX US & KSA*, Hyatt, IHG, Joyalukkas, Marriott Rewards, NBAD, Shangri-La, Starwood StarPoints and Boubyan Bank.
  • Non participation points conversion partners: American Express Membership Rewards (All regions except AMEX US & KSA*), Etisalat Rewards, and Flybuys Rewards are excluded from this promotion.
  • Once the Miles transfer request in initiated it cannot be reversed.
  • This offer is subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Etihad Guest Programme.
  • A valid Etihad Guest membership number is required to successfully perform the conversion.
  • The Etihad Guest member will be responsible for quoting the correct Etihad Guest membership number to the participating conversion partners for the conversion activity.
  • Terms and conditions governing the existing Conversion partners will apply.
  • The promotion is applicable for any member who converts their points from a qualifying Partner loyalty programme to Etihad Guest Miles. The eligibility of the bonus miles for a specific member will be done based on the validity of the promotion and the date of conversion provided by the partner for that respective member.
  • Base Etihad Guest Miles converted by the member will be awarded as per the applicable conversion ratios of each respective partner.
  • Bonus Etihad Guest Miles earned during this promotion will reflect in the member’s Etihad Guest membership account within 15 days of the end date of the promotion.
  • If an Etihad Guest member holds credit cards and/or Hotel loyalty programme cards of different banks and hotels and converts the rewards points to Etihad Guest Miles under this promotion, then the number of Bonus Guest Miles he/she will earn will reflect separately in the members account for each partner.
  • The above promotion construct is valid only for the all Points Conversion Partners which fall under the Points Conversion programme and governed by the conversion ratios and minimum thresholds applicable for these respective partners.
  • Bonus Etihad Guest Miles will not be calculated on retroactive basis under any circumstances i.e. credit card/ hotel reward points converted to Etihad Guest Miles and posted into the membership account during the promotion period but for which the conversion request was placed outside the promotion period will not qualify for the bonus miles promotion.
  • Etihad Guest reserves the right to withdraw or cancel the promotion or modify or alter the terms and conditions of such promotion at any time.
  • Participation under this promotion is purely voluntary for the members.
  • The decision of Etihad Guest will be final and binding under this promotion and no disputes will be entertained in this regard.
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other conversion offer.


This is certainly not a deal for everyone but the advanced point traveler may get some use from this bonus on points transferred to Etihad.

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  • does it make more sense to use AA miles for F and J on EY? or is there a case where redeeming EY miles is better on EY metal? I have seen some cases where EY miles are more useful for partners but didn’t find any case where it is useful on their own metal for J and F. Maybe I am missing something?

    • The only case that I can think of off the top of my head is if it is someone has more citi points than AA miles. In that situation, it would be easier just because you have more methods of gaining points with etihad than you might with AA.

  • I’m an AMEX Platinum holder in the US. I did not have my account linked to Etihad and did not see the 25% bonus offer. It was suggested that I link my account and then I met see the offer. I have linked my account and still am not getting the offer.
    Please confirm that it should be available from AMEX Platinum in US.
    Any suggestions?