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Get 10,000 Ultimate Reward Points With Chase Ink Plus Referrals – And Good News About The 60K Bonus!

Chase Ink Plus
Written by Charlie

You can now earn 10,000 Ultimate Reward points with Chase Ink Plus referrals! Not only is that a great deal, but this referral program also shows something great about the Chase Ink 60K offer.

The Chase Ink Plus cards now have bumped up their referrals to a generous 10,000 points per successful application by friends and family. That is very good news and this post will show you how to get those referral links for your own 10,000 points. That is worth at least $150 if you transfer to some of the many travel programs with Ultimate Rewards!

Get 10,000 Ultimate Reward Points With Chase Ink Plus Referrals

Chase Ink Plus

Chase Ink Plus 60,000 Point Offer (my referral link for 10,000 points for me if you are approved)

Good News About The 60K Offer

There is actually another nice thing about this referral offer – it does appear to prove out my theory from a few weeks ago that the 60,000 points is the new normal offer for the Chase Ink Plus card. The downside is that there is a $95 annual fee that is not waived (but reports indicate that you get it waived if you apply in a Chase branch) – hey, they have to find some way to pay for those 10,000 points! 🙂

Steps To Get Your 10,000 Ultimate Reward Points

To begin, you must have a Chase Ink Plus card, the Chase Ink Bold cards (no longer issued) do not work for referrals.

Enter Your Info

Chase Ink Plus


Head on over to the Chase Refer-a-Friend website and enter your last name, billing zip code of your Ink Plus card, and the last 4 digits of your Chase Ink Plus card.

Enter Your Friends’ Info

Chase Ink Plus

Once inside, go ahead and enter the first names and e-mail addresses of your friends and family. The next step in the process will be that they receive an e-mail with the offer and details and they click the link in the e-mail. If they are approved through that link, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 points a while after that.

Other Ways To Spread The Links

Chase Ink Plus

The one thing to be aware of is that it can take up to 7 days for them to receive the e-mails – I have had people receive them in 1 day, some did go the full 7 days. If they do not want to wait that long, or you would rather not do the e-mails, Chase provides some social media links that you can use as well for Facebook or Twitter.

NoteIf the person you are sending the email to has opted out of emails from Chase or they already have a Chase Ink Plus card, they will not receive the e-mail!

The great thing is that if you click on the Twitter link, it will pre-populate a Tweet with the information which includes a link! You can take that link and use it wherever you want. If you want to use it in your own personal e-mail, you can do that. Just be aware that there are often guidelines that go with these links such as disclosures and the proper reward information (you cannot say “you get 100,000 points just for opening the card!). Obviously, the oversight is not nearly as strict as it is if you have referral links that pay you cash but still be considerate of those types of things.


  • You will receive 10,000 bonus points for each business owner you refer through this Refer-a-Business offer by 1/15/2016 (up to 5), whose First Use of the card occurs by 5/14/2016.
  • Maximum bonus point accumulation for this offer is 50,000 bonus points.
  • We may provide you with future opportunities to earn bonus points by referring fellow business owners to Ink Plus. You may earn bonus points up to the stated maximum for each offer, however, please note that if you take advantage of multiple opportunities within one calendar year that the maximum number of bonus points that can be awarded from all referral offers is 50,000 per calendar year.
  • Please allow 6 to 8 weeks after each new cardmember’s First Use of the card for bonus points to post to your account. (“First Use” is a purchase, balance transfer, or any check that accesses the account, and does not include cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.)
  • Your bonus will appear on your statement as “Refer-a-Business bonus.”

Some people’s referral links have said that they will be around until February so that part varies (mine above says 1/15). Note that you can only receive 50,000 points per year from referrals so it is best to try and get as many as possible this year.

Feel free to leave your referral links in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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