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Is the Free Night Offer on the Hilton Surpass For Existing Customers As Well?

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Written by Charlie

The best Hilton offer now is for 100K points and a free night offer on the Hilton Surpass card. But, does that free night offer apply to existing customers?


This is a question that I have been receiving quite a bit so I thought it would be better to do a post in case others are curious as well. The new Hilton Surpass offer has 100,000 points and a free weekend night after the first card anniversary. Is this free night a new feature or benefit of the card and do existing customers get it as well?

Is the Free Night Offer on the Hilton Surpass For Existing Customers?

Here are the details of the new Hilton Surpass card offer:

  • Receive 100,000 Hilton points after spending $3,000 in the first 3 months
  • Receive a free weekend night after the first card anniversary
  • Annual fee – $75 (not waived)
  • You will pay two annual fees before you get the free weekend night

The Free Night Offer on the Hilton Surpass

Other cards, like the Citi Hilton Reserve and Chase Hyatt card, offer free nights after card anniversaries so many people were excited that maybe this new offer might have this attached to the Hilton Surpass card as well. It would be tremendous if that was the case since the Hilton Reserve requires $10,000 in spending to activate that free weekend night while the free weekend night comes automatically with the card anniversary on the Hilton Surpass.


Unfortunately, that free night offer on the Hilton Surpass is not for existing customers. American Express has included it as part of the sign-up bonus on the Hilton Surpass so it is not for anyone that already has the card. Also, since they have included is as the sign-up bonus, upgrades to the Hilton Surpass or product changes to it will not trigger it either.

This is a real shame as I was just about to downgrade 2 Hilton Surpass cards and I would have definitely kept them if this new free night offer was on all Hilton Surpass cards. Maybe it is something they are considering for down the road but, as of now, it is not for existing customers.

If you have never had the Hilton Surpass card before, I would definitely consider applying for it with this offer. It is an exceptional deal and one which could be very helpful in the wake of the changes with the Hilton Honors program with redemptions.

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