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Forget The First Class Lounges – These Places Are Amazing!

First Class Lounges
Written by Charlie

While first class lounges are amazing, these places can meet and possibly even surpass the bling factor while giving you an incredible chance to stay fit as well!

One of the perks of either flying international first class or having top tier elite status with some airlines is the benefit of having access to first class lounges. There are some amazing first class lounges around the world, including the renowned First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, the First Class Lounge by Emirates in Dubai, the First Class Lounge by Qantas in Sydney and many more. They all have some great features and really can make it hard to leave, even to board that first class cabin.

Forget The First Class Lounges – These Places Are Amazing!

But, for a fitness enthusiast, you could trade those first class lounges for some incredible, high-end, first class-style fitness centers. Sure, the lounges are great, but when I read about the Centuryon clubs in Vietnam, it sure seemed like the perfect blend of first class lounge with fitness. Of course, it comes at a price – memberships on an annual basis start at $8,000 and go all the way up to $24,000!

First class lounges

Photo from Centuryon website

First Class Lounges

Photo from Centuryon website

First Class Lounges

Photo from Centuryon website

To see more of the unbelievable photos from their clubs, check out the gallery here.

The interiors are certainly incredible to look at (in the photos) and the memberships come with your standard fitness center offerings – but marketed way up. Here is what the premium membership will get you:

  • All club access in NEV network worldwide.
  • Centuryon VIP workout area, aerobics room, locker, shower and parking area.
  • VIP guest privileges.
  • Advanced booking on all classes.
  • VIP Towel and robe service.
  • VIP Party invitations.
  • VIP Jacuzzi & Hydrotherapy spa, steam & sauna.
  • Comprehensive Health Analysis.
  • New limited edition shirt and gymbag yearly.

Of course, if you are a member of this group of clubs, you are driven to improve and maintain your fitness (and you probably should for what you will pay!) but there are also many people, I am sure, who also look at it as a great opportunity for networking with others in their realms of interest. The fitness center that I used to belong to had about 60% of the members say that they had joined to meet people. I imagine, that is a goal with joining a place like this as well!

Anyone a member there and want to guest me on sometime on my way through Vietnam? 🙂

HT: Business Insider

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