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Fly Short Thai A380 First Class For $650 ($1,050 R/T)

Thai First Class
Written by Charlie

Yet another nice first class product is the Thai First Class on their A380. This is another product that is going to cost a lot of money to experience if you do not book it as an award. Yet, similar to the cheap Emirates First Class fare I wrote about yesterday, this is on the same route and can be had as a roundtrip for just about $1,000 or $650 for the one-way.

Thai First Class

The Thai A380 by Aero Shots

I have not flown on it (yet, coming soon) so if you want to read a review on this product, check out One Mile At A Time’s review.

If you fly the one-way in reverse (Bangkok to Hong Kong), it will cost you an extra $100. The best option is to use the roundtrip from Hong Kong ($1,050) so you can take advantage of the Royal First Lounge in Bangkok and the ground treatment that goes with. The lounge is reported to be spectacular and caters very well to their First Class passengers.

Thai First Class

The roundtrip price on the Thai First Class on the A380 – $1,050

FlightFox, a website of flight experts, has made a list of the best first class cabins in the world and how you can fly on them at their cheapest points. They actually have the Thai First Class on their A380 at a price of $2,533 on the Bangkok to Toyko route. This route (Hong Kong to Bangkok) is about 3 hours less and $1,800 less! So, this ticket would give a good chance to enjoy and appreciate the Thai First Class (or Royal First) on a paid ticket at the cheapest amount.

Thai First Class

The Thai Royal First on the A380 – from Thai Airways

If paying for a ticket is just not worth it, you could use 40,000 United miles for a one-way from Hong Kong to Sydney (via Bangkok) while flying in first on the A380. That is a pretty great deal for 9 hours in this cabin.

If you do decide to use this paid ticket, you could credit to United at a rate of 150% credit or to Aegean for a 300% credit. That means a roundtrip purchase on this route would net you 6,000 miles in Aegean’s program (or 1/2 of what is necessary for retaining your Aegean Gold when combined with 4 Aegean segments).

You can purchase these tickets directly from Thai’s website. Again, just make sure that you use a credit card that offers no foreign transaction fees.

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  • So, in theory, you can try both EK and TG in A380 first class with a HKG-BKK r/t, with TG from BKK – HKG so you can take advantage of the spa.