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Fly JetBlue’s Mint Class From $282!

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Written by Charlie

Now you can fly one of the best business class cabins in the US – JetBlue’s Mint class – for under $300! Find out where you can go in this great business class cabin and enjoy the warmer weather!

JetBlue has already established themselves as an airline with more space and amenities than other airlines in the US and they have also been branching out on their vaunted business class – Mint. I have yet to fly on Mint but talking and hearing from friends who have, I know that Mint has become many people’s first choice for transcontinental business class. JetBlue is challenging those routes as well with prices from $599 each way, a deal compared to competing airlines’ business class prices.

Fly JetBlue’s Mint Class From $282

fly JetBlue's Mint

Fly JetBlue’s Mint class for cheap to the Caribbean! | From

JetBlue has also branched their Mint class out to flights to the Caribbean. And this is where JetBlue’s Mint class can be a real steal – with flights from $282 from their hubs in JFK and Boston. Considering that it is only a little more than many prices for economy (in some cases, only $60 more!), this is a really great deal! Many people head to the Caribbean for vacation and flying JetBlue’s Mint class would be a great way to start a vacation in style.

fly JetBlue's Mint

From from JFK to Aruba in JetBlue’s Mint for only $282!

I found these prices when I was searching for flights for my parents and was really surprised that they were that cheap (especially since a JetBlue agent told my dad that they are not jet flying Mint anywhere but between the coast cities in the continental US! 🙂). It is a seasonal offering, however, because they do shoot up once the spring weather hits with prices over $1,300 one way! But, if you want to head down to the Caribbean in the next few months, definitely check out leaving from JFK or Boston to fly on JetBlue’s Mint class from $282 or as little as 19,000 points for one way flights!

fly JetBlue's Mint

The routes for Jetblue’s Mint class


For a quality business class product, it is a pretty good deal to pay only $282 to fly JetBlue’s Mint class. But, don’t delay if these prices interest you! My parents’ tickets were just $262 to St. Lucia last night and now those have gone up since then so I would move quickly! There are only certain flights that have the Mint product but you can easily see that on the flight selection page. Also, check out Google Flights to see what the prices are and the dates they are available. To make it easy, simply click this link to see it with the parameters already entered. After that, you can adjust the dates as you want.

Tip: Rows 1, 3, 5 have a 2 seat configuration while rows 2 and 4 have single seats with doors for the suites – if you want more privacy.

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